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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


No no, dont worry, I'm not breaking into some old silly song and dance done only done at weddings, high school dances and when you have had waaaay to much to drink at the bar....I am going to write about my Fort McMurray YMCA, the gym that I have just purchased a membership at. Yes, I, Aleaha Frigon have actually got a membership to a gym! Now dont go applauding my efforts yet, I just got it on Sunday and I will admit there is a hidden agenda...of course ;)
So, after reading ALL the fine print and speaking with multiple sources who are employees at the gym, it is in FACT true that they offer FREE (with a membership) Child minding services while you are using the facility! WHAT!?!?! SHUT UP!! Let me get on board that exercise train now and fast! Ok, as long as you are in the facility they will watch them...well up to 2 hrs....2 hours, do you realize what I could do in two whole hours without kids?? Well exercise yes, that is the intention.....however one could also, (and I'm not saying that I would do this), but in theory one could say, hmm, take a looooong soak in the hot tub? Shower in peace, (I could care less who else is there, as long as they are grown ups and not crying tugging at my leg while I shower) Read a book while sitting in the change room? (again, not that I would do this) oh my the possibilities!!! aaah, finally I may have found a way to get on board with exercise and gyms and all that lets see how this goes. I will of course keep you posted :)

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  1. ooooo do they have a steam room? or a sauna?
    Good to hear you'll be able to get some you time!