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Saturday, April 9, 2016

I am going to be a working woman! kind of....

Well Its been a year in the making with a lot of part time work  here and there and wherever I could squeeze it in but I was able to complete and then PASS all the necessary requirements to get my real-estate licence!!

I am giving myself a big pat on the back *PAT PAT*  and a big glass of wine * gulp gulp*

I know that there a TON ( a literal ton, do you know how many real estate agents exist, like, a LOT).....Aaaaaaaand now there are a tonne PLUS ONE.....

Ok so due to the extreme butt load of agents you would think ( and by " you" I mean my husband )  this was an easy endeavour done over the weekend on some online course, a few dollars paid out,  a criminal record check and boom, go sell some houses! AND well you would be WRONG....I should go back and clarify how tricky this was for me due to some really bad past errors as a teenager on my part...ready for that long winded story? Ill be fast I swear....

So when I was Young, like 16 I decided it was a good idea to move away from home and live on my own. WHAT? I know. I have issues relating to stubbornness, unwillingness to reason and ideas of grand jour....I still have those but at 16 I was a total idiot.

So I left home, moved to Calgary, lived with my friend and her family for a summer while off from school... Her somewhat emotional and on occasion "unstable" mother kicked out my friend after a mother daughter argument...( my friend was 19 and got caught doing pot, we were religious and this was a no-no) So OUT my friend...and I trailed along like a lost foolish devoted 16 year old puppy....I was do dumb....HA! Id have been better to live with just her mom, which I am sure she would have allowed but that another story brought on by many years of counselling and reflecting...HA

So out on my own, in Calgary, at 16, with a pot smoking roomie, some poor decisions, a full time job, my own apartment, a pretty jerky boyfriend and 3 years later at 19 I had NOT graduated high school, but did manage to get my driver license, buy a car and get the heck away from said bad boyfriend.

MANY YEARS later....

After working in the insurance industry in a sweet little office job I thought about getting into real estate...but then I did the stable thing and after we got married, I had some babies, quit working (due to too many babies in too short of a time)  and choose to be a stay at home mom with my pretty supportive husband. He's  a pain but he's smart and successful and even if he rolls his eyes at me SO HARD sometimes, he tries to be supportive in his ways...9 years later I NEED OUT. hahaha.

I decided to pursue an old love of real estate but low and behold, surprise surprise one would actually need a high school diploma and PROOF of it to even be considered to allowed to enrol. WELL, I dont have that. Crap, now I have to get it. SO after another few months of Study I zip to Edmonton to take my GED. I did great, all A's on everything but math. Frick that frickity fricken math full of geometry and angles and crap. CRAP. So I actually failed math, by 1.5 percent.

cue tears. cue downward spiral into failure. cue wine. Why does math make me feel like such a failure at life?!?!

OK wahtever, I am grown women, pull yourself together Aleaha!! So I studied, paid more money, wrote that part of the exam AGAIN and passed. With a acceptable 70percent, LOL....I feel like the exam has less angles and degrees and more decimals and fractions which I am actually ok at. That said I still hate math.

I have my GED! SWEET!  Enoll in Real Estate super pumped.....get MASSIVE MANUALS with a LOT of reading...and terms...and rules...and bla bla they give you I think 18 months to finish, and I did this really part time so I know people have finished in like 3 months, but I took my time and have been doing it over the course of about 10 months....and I have been LOVING IT! Its so interesting thru all the terms and facts and horror stories called  " case studies" of when people dont pay attention and then get in BIG trouble.

So yesterday I wrote my very last exam to be able to have a licence in residential real estate. It was nerve racking since I am not great at test writing...I have anxiety and second guess myself and then am pretty sure I fail every time....well I never failed a single exam in this course, managed to get over 95 in more than one area and then passed my exam yesterday with a final mark of 85!!

A moment of celebration!  ( cue 90's dance music)

So there is still like 15% I guess I dont know ( and for the record why dont they show you or tell you the ones you get wrong so you can go back and really learn them, see because I thought I put the right answer now there is this 15% mystery that I guess I will find out about down the road, I hope!)

NOW monday morning I am walking into REMAX, signing some forms, forking over more money and then getting set up to start what I hope to be a very enriching the worst real estate market in over a decade. HA.

I feel satisfied, and happy and itching to get started. I wish I would have done all these things years ago, but life happens, and I do think it happens for a reason and maybe 15 years ago I wouldnt of had the work ethic, the patience or understanding to be able to do this? NOW many years later, a husband and 5 kids later I feel like I have been tossed around enough in the world of thankless work that I should be able to be fully attacked by the real esate world and take it like a pro ;)

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