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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My husband and my ice cream

My Chad...he is a really amazing guy, and ever day before I go to bed, I think " wow I really am a lucky lucky girl" ( no sarcasm, I swear) ...he was raised well with good morals, hes stable, funny, kind, and good at pretty much anything he does. I love him with my whole heart...OK, that's enough of the sunshine and candy, now here's the dirt. There is one teeny tiny, itty bitty, teensy weensy thing that I'm pretty sure will cause me to one day smash my head into that always trusty brick wall. OK, here it is, I like most married woman have the same complaint so its not news, my husband doesn't listen. Well to rephrase, he doesn't listen, TO ME...... EVER......ok, ever is a bit of a stretch, he does hear things like, " Supper!" and " The game started" and " hey huny, I shaved my legs today..wink wink" but for the most part, I get courtesy nods, blank stares, the occasional " uh-uh" and for kicks he will sometimes burp as some kind of acknowledgement.
This shouldn't really surprise me given I did know what I was getting into when I married him. When we were dating Chad worked up in Fort McMurray and I lived in Edmonton and so we spoke on the phone a lot those days that we was away. I thought it was so sweet that he would call me every night, and he was always to interested to hear about my day etc, what a guy, what a guy!!
Then there came that fateful day, the day you realize your relationship has entered a new phase. The " comfortable" phase. I had been telling Chad a story and he didn't seem to into I stopped my story, asked him a question and waited for him to reply...and waited...and waited....oh, but don't you worry, there was none of that awkward silence, no no see every few seconds for about 3 minutes of me NOT SAYING A WORD Chad would say, " oh yea" um hmmm" aaah" yea, yea" and yet I said NOTHING....good lord, he was fake listening, oh but he must be tired ( or so I tell myself at that moment) I called him on it we had a good laugh and went to bed...cut to about 6 years and 4kids later. Not so funny. I have all the regular examples of not listening but I wont bore you with them as I'm sure you have them too, but here is my freshest one just for fun. This Friday Chad says, "Hey, lets call Jamie and Krista and go to the lake!" ok GRrrrreat!....we call them and then " WE" get packed up...and by "we" of course I mean "ME" no surprise. I pack swimsuits, swimmers, sunscreen, bug spray, diapers, wipes, sippy cups of all kinds of things, juice boxes, towels, blankets, bottles, formula, bumbo chairs, sand toys oh yea and lunch...really the list just goes on, but I don't want to bore you please don't stop listening to me too, your all I've got :)
....moving on...we are at the lake 2+hours, its 31 degrees, Chad is in the lake with Mia and Coy, the babies are too small at 4 months for sunscreen etc, so I sit under the beach umbrella for the 2+ hours melting away, trying to keep the twins from losing it....but lovingly watching Chad, Mia and Coy splash around in the water. Then everyone is too hot and tired and so" WE" pack up all our things and head for home. I suggest to Mia we should get an ice cream!!
" yea mommy yea!"
So I say to Chad, " lets get an ice cream cone on the home, McDonald's give free baby cones away!! Free!!" ( oh yea, Chad is really" thrifty" so I throw in the part that the kids will be free to boost his enthusiasm to go)
So we are coming into town now and Chad changes lanes and by passes our first possible stop for ice cream...ok maybe he wants to hit the one a little closer to home? mmm nope... No discussion on his end as to why no stop, no comment from him on my multiple questioning looks as to why we haven't yet stopped, and then sadly we arrive at home...we are here at home, no ice cream. He turns off the van, looks at me and says " yea?" I look at him and smile and say "ok" so he takes the twins inside and I take Mia and Coy. Everyone goes downstairs to cool off and " WE" go out to unpack the I am a grown woman, who has just sat in 30 degree weather for over 2 hours, 2 HOURS trying to entertain 4 month old twins, A grown woman who really can decide for herself if she wants to have an ice cream cone and DESERVES an ice cream cone... A grown woman who may like an explanation as to why she didn't get an ICE CREAM CONE!!! humph. Now I am ticked off, and it usually takes a lot to tick me off, but here I am...ticked! Either he didn't actually hear my request for ice cream, (which is likley but I doubt it), didnt want to stop? and didn't want to say he didn't want to stop because then he knows I would have made him stop in his mind its easier just to avoid all conversation on this matter and go home as fast as possible. Regardless...I want an ice cream. I am already outside alone, with the van keys unpacking, Chad is in the house with all the kids, so I say " I am a grown woman, I want ice cream and you cant stop me Chad Frigon! I decide when I will and will not have ice cream!!" So I get in and drive to the store ( I didn't even tell Chad I was leaving...ooh I'm a rebel I know, I know!) I get an ice cream for me and Mia and Coy and NOT Chad. Spiteful you may yes, absolutely! He has to learn, I ask for little but when I do ask, I mean it. I am not just suggesting it, I am SAYING it. Next time listen to me or I will do more than write about it on the Internet :) Love You :)
And that is that. Never stand in the way of a cranky hot mommy of 4 who all she wants to make her day a bit better is a sad ice cream cone. It could be worse, it could be worse.

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