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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Facebook updates

People keep saying that I should save my facebok updates, or write them in a journal or something to preserve the moments from this " memorable time in my life"...I think that its actually a really good idea and wish I would have saved them somehow, so I plan to figure out a way to retrieve a bunch from facebook if I can. You know I cant even remember when the twins took their first steps or what their first words were, its like the whole first 18 months of their life was so trauamtic to me that I have just literally blocked it all from now on I am going to take this blog this a bit more seriously and maybe keep a running track of my updates just for fun, that way when I have a better reason to be forgetful ( like old age and not just post partum) I will be able to look back maybe fondly ( ok most likely not fondly but with some kind of emoition) on this "memorable time in my life"....
A tad unrelated, I saw a woman at the YMCA today that found out she was 12 weeks pregnant with twins, she was looking for advice...In that moment I was looking for the number to the phsyc ward at the hospitial and the Betty Ford clinic for her for about 6 months from now. I always wonder if people expect me to be sunny and happy about the whole twin thing...and sometimes I wonder if I should be? I am not a good actress and 2 years ago life sucked hard and if you ask the question and are brave enough to listen I will offer you some advice is, it sucks. It just does. Unless you are a celebrity, have a raelity show or LOTS of paid help when you have small children and throw twins in the mix be prepared for about 18 months of a hard core suck fest.

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  1. haha You are awesome. Say it like it is. I'm sorry twins sucked for you! I think I survived but my house definitely didn't! ha I'm guessing that's how I got through it.
    I love that you started a blog. I've been blogging for 5 years now and love it! I do have to print mine into a journal soon, it's getting huge!