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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Would you tell?

Lets just say that when you showed up to the gym with your 4 kids you were told that ( sarcastic eye roll inserted here) " Kiddie Kare" was full and you had to wait. Ok. No prob. Been there, done that. BUT as well, you are asked to wait over by the front desk and not in the " Kiddie Kare" room, as its just too noisy with all 5 of us there...ok....will do...( happy fake smile inserted here) So we go and wait over by the play the way getting Coy and Mia directed to this other play area while carrying the twins in the car seats was just awesome, piece of cake..LOVED IT. So we get there, I settle the babies, Mia and Coy are climbing this monstrous play thing and low and behold Mia is Waaaaaaaay at the top " Hi mommy!!"...and this play thing is like 50 ft high.... Not sure if that's right or not, but it goes from the floor to the roof of the YMCA, it is pretty cool actually...however when your 2 year old is at the top and you are feeding two babies bottles whats not so cool is when you hear this "momma...I have to pee" Seriously! I cant catch a break! I try propping bottles up with my sweater to feed the starving twins while they themselves are propped in the carseats so the people on the workout equipment don't roll their eyes at me when they cry, Mia is trying with all her might to maneuver out of this play thing and down the 50+ feet to me...Coy is....well Coy is somewhere? oh I see him., running in circles actually, so hes ok, just dizzy :)
And so, Mia makes it all the way down and you guessed it, her "water breaks" just as she reaches the bottom. Its all a blur from here...I run and grabbing my towel wipe her legs, wipe the floor, grab disinfectant from nearest treadmill, douse floor, wipe with towel again and promptly throw towel in garbage... ok, She had a dress on, so the dress is still dry, underwear not so much...take off underwear, throw out and luckily I have a pair in my bag from the last time when she removed them...did I mention she hates to wear underwear and I find them all over the place? I quickly glance the room and I don't think anyone what?? To tell or not to tell? It was a small mess....clean and smells fresh now? Do I bother telling? hmmm.....Yea, nope, not today. If I was able to stay in kiddie kare she would have made it, so I blame the gym for this accident and I dont tell...poo poo me if you wish, but I'm sure that play pit will see worse :) And like I need another reason for the YMCA to hate me. Whatever.

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