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Friday, August 14, 2009

My Sign

Remember that comedian that said people should wear a sign...(I think it was a sign of stupidity.." heres your who was that again??) I have decided that I would like to wear a sign. I dont know if its my insecurities as a woman or my incessent need to eplain myself ALL THE TIME, or even my need to make excuses for myself, but this is what I would wear a sign for all to see called my " sorry but.." ( fill in excuse) sign.

Let me explain. It would be worn only when I am actually out alone without my kids. For some reason when I have 4 babies all with my shopping at extra foods, or at the park or even at the gym I get a lot of sweet admiring looks from strangers, a lot of good conversations and really see the lovley side of people...however, when I am out alone ( granted this doesnt happen often) I would like the world to know my history...well, just that I have 4 kids all under 3 years old and my husband gave me a 2 second warning that it was ok to leave this house for 30 minutes alone to go get that milk, but only if I go RIGHT now, so THIS is why I have oatmeal in my hair, snot on my shoulder, or my stretchy pants look just that TEENY bit too stretched...I do care, I really really do care about how I present myself to the world and I wish I had the time to reflect this but alas I dont. Even before I can get dressed in the morning I have to change 3 diapers, undress and re-dress 4 kids, boil that pot of water for the daily bottles, get the right cartoon on as a distraction so I can get the oatmeal cooking on the stove, get the babies in the highchairs get the folded laundry OFF that arm chair before Coy sees it and so on and so next time you see me at the gym at 10am and I have a slightly dirty t-shirt on and some worn out joggers, let me just say this...I TRY! I have been TRYING since 6am to just get here!! And you lulu lemon, blush and mascara, slick perfect pony tailed type girls ought to know that as you jog there on your treadmill, NOT sweating and all in your gym perfection, and you dream of the day when that boyfriend of yours gets down on one knee and propses... take another quick glance at me and see your future for what it really is...dirty diapers, snotty shoulders and greasy hair but trust me its pretty awesome too, but please dont judge me with those false eyelashes of yours it hurts.... So yes, if I could wear a small sign to state all the above that would be I must go, I hear crying

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who do you call when...??

So this post will be short and to the point...( as tonight I am trying to scrounge up the small details of my children's lives and add them to their scrapbooks before I lose my mind and we never know Coys favorite food or bedtime story)

So this is all about my Coy boy, I have noted prior that he loves to eat anything....and I guess drink anything too???

OK, I said I would be brief he we go, ( side note: please reserve judgement on me as a parent until the children are grown and we can really see how they turn out, and if indeed they are normal or.... not normal)

Coy had a bath after supper, very normal. Coy got out of bath clean and naked. Very normal. Coy ran around the island in the kitchen naked. Again, normal... As I stand in the other room observing Coy with motherly love and affection, I see him brace into his " I am going to pee on the floor" he pees on the floor in the kitchen ( sadly this is more normal than I would like as well) So as I am making my way over many a toy to get to him to clean up, the not normal happened. Coy got down on all fours and .....I cringe as I write this.....lapped up some pee......EWWWWWW!!! You can guess what I felt as I'm sure you feel it now and it wasn't that he actually got that much before I reached him but still, do I need to call poison control? Health link? The ER?? However as I am pretty busy most nights, another situation called me away after the pee was clean and Coy freshly diapered so I never did call anyone and so far Coy is still alive. there you have it, as short as I could have made it :)