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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day in the life

Well today ( Tuesday) I decided I would take it easy, not go to the gym and just see where the day takes us...haha, foolish me. By 10am the natives were getting restless and the back yard just wasn't cutting it. Ok, I need creamer for my coffee anyway so how about a nice little run to the grocery store?

"ok, we're going to the store! Lets get ready!"

Lets Begin:
Chase coy around the island two and half times ( this guy is fast given his bulkiness) tackle him to the ground, using "gentle" force pry his pj's off ( mental note, buy Coy bigger PJ's that actually fit OVER his head) dress him. One down 3 to go...using my master negotiation skills I must now convince Mia that during the day its best to wear her special " morning time dresses" and that the Dora one with the rip in it is only for nighttime and even though its so much more liberating for a 2 year she absolutely positively MUST wear underwear..good no tears today and given this takes some time and Patience my efforts pay off and in a mere 15 minutes! Mia is now changed. The twins, ah, the twins.... they are literally the easiest part of my day, they cant argue, they cant run, they cant even roll over for goodness sakes, they are thrilled that I am actually having some one on one face time with them, I could be changing them into frilly dresses and matching bonnets for all they care, because at that moment as I dress them they get my undivided attention for about 45 seconds and we both love it :)

Ok! We are dressed! oopsy, I am still in my " nighttime dress" 30 seconds later We are NOW all dressed...ready to go, oh but I must pack our little going out bag..this includes sippy cups for Mia and Coy so they dont try to rip open the juice boxes in the store, two bottles with powder formula already in them, hot water in my Starbucks insulated coffee mug ( ps. Its so sad to me that what used to house Delicious star bucks coffee for my pleasure now houses hot water for my babies bottles, how times have changed) 3 soothers, 3 diapers, wipes, Mia's teddy, god forbid he stays at home...Coy's blankie, if Mia gets her teddy Coy needs his keys, ( I stand corrected, Mini Van keys, cause I have to be one of THOSE people now) my wallet, two bananas, and some gum and a re usable shopping bag. phew. lets go! I have adopted this routine to make everyone happy however illegal or against child safety rules it is, what I do is I open the front door and Mia and Coy go running like two little Jamaican sprinters to the van. Open the doors, plop them in and let them freely roam the van, the like this....then I go into the house, put the babies in the car seats, grab the bag, turn off treehouse put on my hat and out we go. Once everyone is outdoors the babies get in the van the big kids get buckled in, on comes Dora and we are off for our " simple trip" to extra foods. Jeepers I am exhausted just writing this let alone living it.... make a looong story short....3 of the 4 kids fit in the cart and my hopes are Mia stays close....we get the creamer, none of the kids names were announced over the PA as "found and at customer service" and we even got strawberries and blueberries on sale! So now we are all safely and happily back in the van and Mia announces we must take our strawberries to the park and have a picnic. In her adventures in the van while I got the babies ready she noticed our beach umbrella and blanket from a prior trip about 2 weeks ago...aaaah do I have the energy? Sure, plus its been two weeks since out last picnic, just enough time to let me forget all the bad parts..( dont ask me the full details but that picnic ended in Coy being rushed to the mini van naked and Chad running to get wipes while a kind stranger kept the other kids off the slide with the new skid mark....*shudder*)
A picnic. I dont need to go into detail for all you mommies, you know the work of it all, and I'm sure you can just imagine the fun for me! But in the end ( and after only a small bribe of ice cream) we all made it home, a little sunburned, a little too many on sale strawberries in our bellies but happy...OH! and did you know, McDonald's gives away baby ice cream cones for free?!! Wow, made my day a little brighter :)

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