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Friday, July 3, 2009

Mothers Day

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my daughter Mia, I had grand visions of Mothers day, I was going to be a Mom! So this day took on whole new meaning for me! Here, let me paint my picture for you....Its morning the sun is shining the birds are chirping, and I am still a bit sleepy a bit I slowly open my eyes I see my favorite, Gerber daisies , in a beautiful vase placed on my nightstand. Next to this I see a handmade mothers day card, lovingly crafted by the flesh of my flesh, my child, my child that loves and adores me! This is all followed by things such as breakfast in bed, Chad tending to the housework and the children..oh and perhaps a pedicure on the side! Oh, such a day Mothers day would be, after all, I'm sure my mom got such treatment didnt she? that I think of it, I do think I still have my mother is laws Mothers day card tucked away in my glove box still un July...whoopsy.....but I'm sure the other kids who live closer did something fabulous for her...moving on.....So lets get back to a bit of reality here. Mothers Day 2009. A day that we shall still say was a treat and a success just not in the way I had ever imagined. By the way its funny how life chips away at your dreams bit by sad little bit and small things really do seem so much more enjoyable. This year Mia is 2, Coy is 1, and the twins Reed and Ryley are two months old. I have worked hard this year, and feel that maybe I would get a little something special. To my dismay Chad has been invited to a stag for a very old and very dear friend, Dave..aka. Korndog. This is in Edmonton, a 4 hour drive from where we live and the Sat night before Mothers day. To give him credit he said he wouldnt go but come on now, would I really want that hanging over my head?? " Sorry guys, I cant come, the wife said noooo" um yea, I'm not gonna be THAT wife so I insist we go, all together. Me and the kids can stay at my in laws and Chad can go out. So we make the trip and it goes well. (Well...given that Chad was out ALL night and Coy fell out of bed, and Mia slept directly on top me whenever I was actually in bed as the twins were still up every 2 hours at this I say it went well could be defined at this point) Now dont ask me why but I still clung to some hope that Mothers day would be special....buuuut after arriving at the LRT station in North Edmonton to pick up Chad at 8am Sunday morning those hopes quickly went up in smoke, and so should have Chads clothes. It still baffles me that after a night out with the guys Chad can go from a handsome, respectable looking man to a scruffy unshaven smelly homeless looking type. If I didnt know who he was I would have locked the doors as he approached) He had circles under his blood shot eyes, donair sauce on his shirt and what we all know as the horrible after drinking smell lingering on his breath..ooohh, the memory of the smell still makes me twitch.... Chad opens the door to the Mini van, briefly acknowledges me and the kids and proceeds to lay down on the floor of the mini van, head curled up by the passengers seat, body stretched down the aisle with feet hugging the back bench. Who knew a 6 foot grown man could sleep on the floor of a mini van? So I shrug my shoulders and figure McDonald's drive thru cold double as my Mothers day brunch this year and so I get mcmuffins for everyone and drive off into the sunrise for home, a 4 hour drive. Now it wasnt flowers and breakfast in bed but what I did get that day is hard to come by and still a precious gift. About 2 hours into the drive, the twins fell asleep, Coy and Mia nodded off and Chad, well he was still passed out holding Mias Tinker bell comforter. And so for the rest of the drive I had peace and quiet. I turned off Dora, turned on my own music ( very quietly of course) re settled into my seat and just enjoyed my moment. I had my family with me, who I love...and love even more when they are all asleep ;) My life is happy, my babies and my husband are healthy ( well, less Chads hangover, hes healthy) and I get to take care of them all and despite my griping I really do love it, well like it...well ok, I love it, just not the poopy parts :) All in all lots to be grateful for and a good mothers day.
Oh and Chad even woke me up to wish me a happy mothers day and felt it special enough a moment to give me a good boob grab just before sweet? Men....

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