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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, in some of these posts I have been known to complain about my sweet, handsome, smart,
husband whom I love VERY much. ( That being said, I think it gives me the right to complain, its like thinking your own kid is ugly, YOU can think that your kid is ugly, its YOUR kid, but no one else may even venture to say juniors hair is out of place! So no one else but me can complain about Chad in the special enduring way) phew, sorry for that, Moving on..For something new, tonight I think I am going to complain about myself...
Sometimes I feel bi polar or something? ( not really Bi polar, sorry to offend any bi polar folk out there I hope you part of you will forgive me) For the most part I do all the cooking , cleaning, washing drying, organizing, diapering, decorating dismantling etc in this home of ours. Sometimes I secretly ( and silently, of course) wish that Chad would help just a little more in the cleaning and organizing department, I'll let him off on the decorating portion however, I like the sports section just as much as any other gal but not ALL OVER THE HOUSE . OK, back on track..complain about me, complain about today I took Coy and Mia to the Parade downtown ( that's another blog and it will make your head spin) when I came back Chad had the closets ripped apart, the sock hamper with all the lonely unmatched socks strewn all over the front living room, the dining room table, the kitchen etc. The junk drawer was ripped apart...I literally thought he lost something? ( His MIND perhaps? I did leave him alone for 3 hours with the twins) Turns out he was just cleaning and organizing and trying to be really helpful and get those little jobs done that I cant find the time for. As well he was doing a load of laundry, sweet. I should feel nothing but love and gratitude and applaud his ambition and drive! Right! Right?
Well I survey the situation and this is how I feel. First I feel like a slacker for not cleaning out the junk drawer and the sock hamper sooner and wonder if it has been secretly annoying him this whole time? Maybe I should have put that higher on my priority list? Then after I feel like a slacker wife, I start to feel bad for him for taking his much needed day off and cleaning our junk and matching our socks...and then as a bit more time goes by I feel annoyed...mostly because its now the evening and the socks are still all over, the junk is taking a vacation from its drawer and I'm pretty sure this is one of those things that Chad has started and I will finish. Then I am even MORE annoyed, I don't have time to clean up socks and junk, or else it would have been done by now! Maybe this is his way of just making me do it, I cant let it sit here now, it drives me batty to sit in junk and socks!! You know the other day he actually said that he loves being married...awe right....but the he finished that up with " I hate having to clean up my own messes, thank goodness for wives!"
So on one hand I want his help, on the other hand I loathe his help...*sigh* its just one of those things, I'm not sure if it will get better, as you know we have an eye roll kind of marriage, not argue it out one ;)

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