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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a regular Tuesday

On this regular Tuesday I told myself that I was going to "relax" after the morning breakfast rush, try to drink that cup of coffee and just unwind for a minute.....and today I actually did! Well, I should clarify that by "relax" I mean that at 9am instead of unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen and folding that first load of laundry I decided that while the twins napped ( yes, they wake at 6am and nap at 9am...lucky luck babies) this regular Tuesday I decided to not do the above (well I did fold laundry, but really that's like breathing to me now) I made a command decision that could of had serious repercussions, but I was up for the I did it and I changed the TV from Treehouse ( gasp!! oohh aahh) to watch some actual adult, grown up, mature mind stimulating TV......and I found the Cosby show! They are on at 9am on preachtree tv! Can I get a woot woot!! So I settled into my comfy chair with my morning coffee ( that by the way I had to microwave TWICE because mornings are so crazy that it was still left sitting from 6am when I made it...but thats another blog...) and so I began my sweet it is...the twins are asleep, Mia fresh from the washroom without my help to boot is playing with Ariel and Coy is quietly and happily playing with blocks, I only wish that someone could come over right this instant so that I could give off that " wow she totally has it together" impression.... While I was congratulating myself on a job well done and having that first sip of reheated coffee... I hear the central vacuum turn on? Odd? Do I have a ghost? A friendly and clean ghost sent to help me out?! no no, its see, currently his favorite thing in the world is to turn on the vacuum ( which if you knew me you would know that the vacuum is plugged in and at the top of the stairs at all times, never does an hour go by without some kind of vacuuming emergency and it just easier to have it handy and ready to go)
Oh, yes, just my boy, Coy.....he likes to play and vacuum his belly, his hair, his toes, his diaper ( I pretend not to know why he likes to vacuum his diaper..*shudder*....) its fun for him and I could really care less, hes not hurting anyone and its a good way to entertain himself for 5 minutes. But then again..... hmm...he sounds far away and I cant see him? So sadly I stand up and put my coffee down and try to find Coy...which is not hard as I just need to follow the vacuum hose....I stop for a brief, VERY brief moment to shake mt head to make sure I am seeing what I am actually seeing.... today the hose has led me to a place that I never thought it would, a place its never been and a place I hope it will never be again.....yes ladies, the vacuum and Coy were in the BATHROOM.... someone have the Tylenol the best case scenario would have been that he was vacuuming the bath toys or possibly the toilet paper off the roll....but nooooo, thats too easy for Coy, he needs to be unique and find a new way to give mommy her daily heart attack...and so Coy, my first born son, was vacuuming up some nice fresh unflushed poop in the potty, courtesy of Mia....eyes close... body shakes.... and into mental mom
Now really after it was all said and done my husband says that I should feel lucky that Coy never electrocuted himself doing it ( and then I received a lecture on child safely in where I gave Chad his very own blank stare/ nod combo) So I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear all the fun tid bits after this revelation but lets just say that poop,water, and a central vacuum system were never really ment to go hand in hand and it is my hope that you all never have to get poo poo out of the vacuum box.....and this was the beginning of my regular Tuesday.

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