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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Suprise in my laundry

You may not believe it but I HATE doing laundry, but with as much as I have I cant really put it off , so every day I for sure do a load of laundry and its pretty routine. Dirty clothes in, clean clothes out, fold em up and leave them in the hamper folded for 3 days before I decide to put them away, so no big surprises usually in laundry...( well there was that time I threw the whole hamper of clothes from Mias room in the wash and failed to notice the sippy cup of milk in there, that I then washed AND dried said cup of milk, it was awful, don't ask how it smelled because I threw the whole cup away, I will pay another 5 bucks and not salvage the cup) ANYWAY, on Wednesday I am folding the laundry and low and behold, my favorite most worn, practical, comfortable and yet still sexy enough black bra has literally been ripped in two. I sit for a minute,one cup in one hand and one cup in the other. Now normally this would upset me but let me remind you again, I have FOUR kids under 2 and a half., I dont get out, where you may see a ripped bra I see a opportunity to leave the house...and SHOP!!! Its totally legit, I NEED a bra, ( well, I probbly dont, I'm not that well endowed, even after 4 kids) but ok, for arguments sake I need one and Chads home, so I immediately jump to my feet, evidence in hand and yell, a little to excitedly maybe, "I Need a new bra!!!" " I MUST go now!"
So I run to my room, grab my purse, check my hair, take off the yoga pants, but on real pants, put some perfume on, smile and I am sooo close to being out the door for some shopping time all by myself when I look up to the top of the stairs and see my Mia girl. My sweet, sweet she loves me, she is my buddy she is the apple of my eye...but she NEVER leaves me alone, not to shower, not to change my clothes, not even to PEE for goodness sakes so I begin my story of how mommy must go and dont fret Daddy is here and she can watch Dora, bla bla bla....the tears start to well up and she walks down the stairs and takes my hand and says " Please momma, I want to come too, just the girls" Gosh Darn it all, she knows I cant say no when she says 'Just the girls'.... so in the end she comes with me and we have a good time. I even try not to begrudge her for wanting to watch Dora in the van...even though I was so looking forward to rocking out to some Lady Gaga. You cant listen to words like " I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" with your 2 year old in the van... I guess I will have to wait until those old underwear I have finally give out on me before I attempt to go shopping alone again.....on the Bright side Mia and I were able to share some dessert at the mall which I would have otherwise avoided, it was after all girl time, and whats girl time and new bras without some chocolate cake to top it off.

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  1. hope u don't mind, I am kinda copyng u, I am writing about older stuff, it seems like a fun way to release stuff, awesome, us mom's gotta stick together! I love your blogs, keep it up! you are a good story teller. Have u ever read books by Jennifer Lancaster? your writing reminds me of her, one of her books I always tell people about is called "such a pretty fat" she is so funny!! well talk to u soon :)