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Monday, June 29, 2009

A hot shower

A neccessity. Wait....a luxury?
Since when did having a shower become a luxury? When did it stop being so routine? You know, &am Alarm. hit snooze...hit snooze again...stumble into the shower..... Oh yes now I remember, since I decided that night to let Chad have his way with me and I ended up with newborn Twins...and a 1 year old AND a two year old. So now to shower is sadly a luxury. I spend some of that time in bed at night, you know right before you fall asleep, actually plotting my morning out so that I can try my best to have a shower and not have the world as I know it come crashing down around me. Some days are good...and others are, well not so good....As a rule I have always tried to shower at nap time. Good luck with that now. So I have had to come up with new stratigies, and for some reason that friendly police officer says I cant put all the kids in the mini van with Kung Fu Panda playing at an attempt to keep peace while I shower....darn....ok new plan. Why is this so hard? Why cant I just say, " Hey, kids, listen up! Mommy is going to shower and rinse off all this spit up, vomit, play doh, poopy mess you've made of me!" But I cant say that, becasue then they will know that I have actually left the room, and God forbid I should be alone for 5 minutes. So instead I put the twins in the bouncy chairs to stare confused at eachother, Coy in the highchair with a tray full of delicious snacks and as for Mia I pop in the Dora the Explorer DVD and give her a sippy cup of chocolate milk. Now I can shower in peace, alone with my thoughts and perhaps I can close my eyes and cherish this one small moment of time in my day that is for me, just maybe I can..... or I can open my eyes to see Mia standing with the curtin pulled back water spraying all over the floor while she tries to get her tub toys out. Now, I hear Coy crying as all the cherrios are on the floor and the twins, well they at least are still staring confused at eachother. Oh well, guess I will try to get those legs shaved tomorrow.


  1. You still try and shave your legs?!?! Kudos to you!!! I usually only shave when I've got somewhere to go :P

  2. lol!! Your funny! I used to shave them every Sunday cause I had tap class but now I'm lucky if its every sunday :)