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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kiddie Kare

Oh Kiddie Kare, I had such high hopes...I still cling to some of this hope, and still try 3 to 4 times a week to break you but you are still cruel as ever. Yes, Kiddie Kare.....lets just get to the point and say it, they hate me. Yes me, hate me, HATE me. Let me clarify, this is the name of the child minding service at the YMCA here in Fort McMurray. The FREE service, the free drop in service, the free first come first serve, service, and their hate for me. If she only knew what kind of a desperate mom she was dealing with perhaps the "child minder" as she will be known now(although I have adopted a much more colorful adjective for her ) at the kiddie kare would give up her cruel ways. NO, I will not back down. NO, I will keep coming back, and I WILL leave all my kids, so let see whose will is stronger. I have given birth naturally and drug free to four children, I change 8 thousand diapers a day, mostly poopy ones thanks to Coy and his explosive bottom, and I have eaten left over lunch from the floor, I cannot be broken. On my first visit, I was the first one at the gym. Got there at 8;45am, which was in itself a feat to get up, change, feed, ( then hose down) dress and pack snacks and toys for the kids make myself coffee, slap on some yoga pants and get to the YMCA at 8:45 am....I am feeling like super mom here! However the "worker" not so politely pointed out that I had too many children? hmm, ok now I did look into this quite thoroughly before I purchased the membership....she can take 7 at a time, 3 under the age of 2 and 4 over the age of two... So if I counted correctly, with my 3 babies under 2 and my one 1 over two she could take 3 more if she was to be working alone, and she usually has more granted I am sleep deprived and not that bright at the best of times, but my simple math in this situation seems to add up? So why do I have too many kids? Well she feels it unfair that other moms be turned away because I have taken half the class..hmmm...yea, I dont care so much about the other moms, day one of my big exercise regime ended up being 4 minutes long on the treadmill and then the " child minder" came to get me and she was "too busy" and Coy was upset. I go back, calm down Coy he is fine, just wanted his blankie. Then as I scan the room I note there are perhaps 15 kids here and I think she is still alone. hmm, odd? Then as I am making my way over to here to say that I will finish up my measly 30 min on the treadmill she informs me she is too busy and over her child limit and I have to take my kids and leave....breathe deeply Aleaha, breathe deep.....many things run through my mind, but I do manage to be kind and note that I was under the impression it was first come first serve. My name is the first on the sign up sheet and I do see many more moms have come since me, so I am wondering if these other moms should perhaps be called back to mind their children while I finish up my sad 30 minutes of alone time on the treadmill? This did not happen. I ended up leaving with my kids and vowed to come back. She asked me to " call before I come again" pftttt. Sure, sure, you can bet I'll give YOU that courtesy. Can I say pfttttt again. Anyway I have been back many times since and I have many more stories, but its getting late and tomorrow is Monday and I am off to the gym again :) Did I mention they HATE!
I will as always keep you posted :)

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