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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mias Birthday sleepover!

Lets have a sleepover!!

Lets go out to Dinner!!

OOH,  how about a dance show at Keyano college too with a gaggle of little girlies!! Lets have cupcakes and pop and chips and listen to music and play makeup and dollies and stay up SOOO late that we all want to cry and vomit and smear our new hooker red lipstick made special for pre-teens all over our faces like zombie superstars!...yikes....OH and lets not lose our minds in the process and wake the "baby"!

OK! Lets DO it....said this mom, to her 6, almost 7 year old in a weak, weak moment. Lets do all of that on a busy Saturday full of hockey practice and dance class and groceries and regular life madness...and you know what, that sounds so selfish and grown up and boring.  You know what "regular" life is always here and can be put off, and we can all shuffle things around and we can make special arrangements for a special day for a special lady. So guess what, we did!! Our first big sleepover!

Chad and I woke up like  parents on a mission. The boys had hockey, Mia had dance, I had to run around getting balloons and food and crowns ( we are birthday princesses after all) We all left the house at 9am and Chad and I didn't cross paths again until 9pm when I returned home at some point and Chad swiftly left the house for a mans night out. Talk about luck, a mans night on the exact day Mia has  a girly sleep over.. ( Oh and A diaper party to a pub...which oddly enough didn't have much to do with diapers but a lot to do with China white shots and yoga pants so I hear...lucky boys ;)

We had our party guests come over at 3 and we began what was to be a long fun day! Isabelle is here first!! Jordon  is here next! Caitrin is here, the boys are gone, Presley is on her way and we have begun!! The girls quickly run outside to the trampoline ( in the cold, misty, cloudy, wet  October day, not my first pick but meh, whatever they want to do, they are only 7 and don't care about humidity and what it will do to their hair or how the wet trampoline will make their tights see thru for dinner)

At this moment I stare out the window with my hot cup of coffee watching the girls play, the boys are gone now to watch Chad play hockey, the house is quiet, the cupcake tower is still in tact, it feels peaceful...and then I remind myself this is the calm before the storm...and just like that BOOM...was that thunder? Oh no, just the girls coming in...

  Lets just say they were outside for a few minutes only ( uh hello, cold? rain?)  and when these ladies came in it was like a bunch of indecisive high energy adrenaline junkies waiting for a fix...running this way for a moment and then that way for moment...this little pack of giggles and pony tails yelling......LETS OPEN PRESENTS!!! Then the stop mid run...

 NO wait, lets have cake!! 

stop again...

NO wait, lets play upstairs, full stop 

Lets play downstairs!!... ( I'm dizzy at this point)

OKAY, mom says lets do presents, then cake then play with said presents,  then leave for dinner at the best place in town, Boston Pizza ( just for you Jessica)  and then off to keyano college for a Halloween dance show!!  So it goes....
Presents...yay American girl furniture!!
yay sparkly hats!!
yay decorate your own purse!? Awesome!!
new diary and so many more things!!!

Homemade cards with pictures and words of love are the most treasured and put on the nightstand in Mias room right away...( we know a lot of very sweet, very kind and amazing little girls) Then we light candles, sing songs out of tune and our of sync but full of giggles and smiles...we eat cupcakes, we drink pop and we get ourselves ready to go for dinner!  ( yes you read correctly, we had cake BEFORE dinner, this is my kid and my rules you know ;) 

So we go to dinner, we get seated right away and we are all mature and order our own drinks and meals. Some of us see spy our Sparks/Girl guides leader at the restaurant with her husband and its all crazy?! The girls get all silly like when they see a teacher at the grocery store or something, "its so bizarre that she's here!! At Boston Pizza! What in the world would she be doing here? Out of uniform? No cookies in hand?!tehehehehe lets say hi!! lets see if she recognizes us!" they mumble and giggle...

After dinner waiting for dessert we hit a somewhat annoying moment of, you guessed it, going to the at a time first, then another sneaks away then another then before I know it Yvette and I have been ditched for quote some time left wondering how long it takes to pee and are they still even in the restaurant?!....Eventually they come back ( we had to pee...AND tell secrets...and giggle...) and then we are about to eat dessert....and then wouldn't you know it, gosh darn and just my luck one little lady falls ill and happens to....wait for it....VOMIT. HA! True story...she was feeling a bit off but was such a trooper and she dashed to that bathroom like an Olympic sprinter! As far as I know she got it all in the toilet. SO being a mature adult I quickly paid the bill, didn't tell the waitress and we vamoosed out of that place so fast....imagine if there was vomit at the table?! Mias birthday is like a cursed public puking specktacle...blacklisted from Montannas and then BP's would be too much, so we pay and JET! Thanks for the memories ( and the breath mints)  BP's!!

We must do a little driving around, we have to pick up Presley for the show, drop off Yvette to Dad, take Isabelle home briefly ( Halloween dance show could be a bit much for her imagination and we don't want sleep over nightmares...)
So we do our drive/scramble and make it to the show!   Only a bit of chatter and giggles, only a bit of goofiness ( doing splits in the aisles) and only a bit of free popcorn inhaled and we make it through the show! The highlight was of course the "Thriller" video and the dance to accompany it....smoke and fog and creepy zombie dancers were awesome!  At the end Jordan says " I'm a bit shaken, just a bit..just shaken...but I'm ok" She seems to be pep talking herself out loud....  Mia says  " might have to sleep with me....I don't want Michael Jackson to break into my room and  crawl into bed with me!"
 bahhahahaahahaa!! ok....I'm not even sure what's best to say " oh don't worry he's dead...or oh don't worry, he likes...boys?" ok no that's all wrong and I don't mean that. I love Michael. Shame on me for writing that.....

So we head back out, grab Isabelle ( who so sweetly made neclackes for all the girls while she waited!!) we take Presley home and we head back to our house!

Jammie's are put on,  Princess Diaries part 2 is in the movie player, and this night is no where NEAR being over....3 hours later we have weathered some tears, some bad makeup, an overtired little lady calling her mom to come get her and we are down to 3.  With only minor threats to their short lives ( said in a sweet voice of course) The girls fall asleep and I am exhausted! Just in time for Yvette to wake up and poop on the potty and not go back to sleep until 3:30.  Ah well. All in the name of  memoires right?

So in short, hahaha, it was a lONG day. Full of memories, makeup giggles and yes vomit. Ah well. Heres a few pictures just for fun!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Busy life

Its 10:30 and I'm  just sitting down now...since the start of the 6:30...and I have had the flu since Monday. Waah. Yes please feel bad for me...also Ryley ( my 4.5 yr old twin boy ) pooped his pants TWICE?!  He was too busy playing Mario and decided it was a better idea to poop a little in his pants to make the feeling go away and then just deal with it later??  That's a story all in its own...then just because I'm grumpy and feel like sharing all my  "first world problems" I will also mention that my earphone died tonight 3 seconds into my 5 mile run...I made it a whopping 3miles with NO music and just the awful sound of my own raspy breathing and feet pounding before I gave up, jumped off the treadmill and ripped into the Halloween candy...I decided these feet don't move without a little ghetto superstar, Katy Perry or Bruno Mars.

 Today however was the first day that I was feeling kind of ok enough to be productive again...I DID go to my dance class last night ( adult Hip hop, yo!)  but I lost my gusto half way thru...carried on but it was a struggle...(unrelated, I was writing a thanksgiving post about all the stuff I did when I was alone for 36 hours, which for the record was A LOT) but I have been too sick to get back to it, so I thought I would write a quick one tonight go back to the thanksgiving one later but wouldn't you know it, I type like a talk, a lot...and I ramble...ha! 

SO today has been a normalish day full and busy but just for fun I'm refinishing my cabinets in my bathroom upstairs to see if I can be handy...or if I really do just suck at most things other than childbirth and eating Halloween candy, which I kick ASS far we are undecided...painting a cabinet is no unwrapping a peanut butter cup or pushing a baby out my lady bits...I have about 24 hours to go until I am left with the finished product and we will see...Ill post some before and after pictures to show off :)

I  should go to sleep but "friends" is on, the kids are asleep and I'm alone and loving it...Ill leave you with this thought to close the night out.... Leaving the gym tonight with all the kids in tow, Mia decided to be helpful and carry out my gym bag and our snack bag....a lady sees me, all the kids and Mia trudging along and she says to Mia, " wow you sure do have your hands full" and Mia says " yeah, and try doing laundry for 5 kids all the time, its not easy that's a lot of pajamas and underwear every day lady."  The lady laughed at her and looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged and nodded. Its sure is a lot of underwear...especially if SOMEONE poops their pants twice in a day. I just cut those things off, no remorse. Ill buy more.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lets not get too cocky now shall we....

October 12! 
Its Saturday!!
Mia is SEVEN! 
Life is good :|)  
The sun is shining, the air is crisp, the house is clean ,the kids are dressed, the kids are NOT fighting, fresh banana muffins on the stove all make a very good start to the day. A lovely new friend has come over for a visit in the morning and the afternoon is ripe with anticipation! What will our Mia's birthday day will be??  Being the special girl of the day she has chosen Swimming at Mac Island water park!! (It was no big surprise).  Its a very rare and very special treat for our family to go there.  You see, MacDonald Island Park is the "fancy" and "new" facility in town and its WAAAAY across the river and its WAAAAY too expensive, shiny and full of itself for the Fort Mac Frigons, so we maintain a membership at the stinky ol' reliable YMCA and only go to the Rich kids pool on special occasions. Mia makes her announcement of fancy pool hopping and dinner at the prestigious Montana's followed by thunderous cheers and applause from her admiring siblings! Such a great day she has chosen for us all!! Hip Hip Hooray!! 

Visit with new friend was a success!! Shes kind and sweet and funny and she seems to handle our constant normal chaos in stride. Didn't even blink an eye when my dopey eyed brother emerged from the basement at noon  rubbing sleep from his eye. Didn't question his tattered purple wolf covered jammie tshirt, nor did she seemed offended at his 20 question interrogation upon seeing a new face at my kitchen table.( Scotty can smell fresh friend meat a mile away)  She has passed the test of the crazies in this house with flying colors and we will now be lifelong bff's...ha!  So far so good! Kids played well, moms visited smoothly and easily, more so after inspector Scott retreated to his liar.... this day was good :)

2pm and we are getting ready to go when we decide to let Mia bring a friend Swimming. Heck, we are such masterful pro parents now why the heck couldn't we handle 6 kids 6, pardon me, 7 years old and under at the pool? ppft, easy peasy boys and girls. Mia asks for Billy Gene since family holidays takes her away from our sleep over next weekend. We pick up Miss Billy Gene, have our Ford full to capacity and we are off!

I am even so prepared \I remembered to bring quarters for the lockers, swimmers, goggles, extra socks, you name it I have it and I am feeling good. ( Well other than the fact that I despise swimming, hate public pools and getting my hair wet, I'm good!)

We  walk out to the main deck and release the hounds! These kids are off like bullets! Mia and Billy gene his the first pool they see, jumping in like they are on fire! The boys are off and running ( no running at the pool!!!) heading for those water slides like nobodies business...Yvette is toddling off to the kiddie section ready to aim those water guns at the first unknowing toddler she sees that looks her way.....Chad and I nod, scatter and we each take a firm parental stance along with the lifeguards to make sure we don't end up on the news, in the ER or the Mac Island "do not allow here" list.
Things are going well!! Mia and Billy Gene are entertaining each other, giggles mermaids tail flops and double tubing down the lazy river. Coy and Ryley are on their 13th slide down the water slide in 4 minutes flat and Reed and Yvette are playing shot out with the water guns in the baby section. All is well....its been 15 minutes and we are in smoking good shape :)

Then I see life guards go bug eyed...parents pause, the air has start to run down the stairs from the water slide....whispers get louder, gates close, backup lifeguards emerge...people are directed to just " look away!" Then the water turns off and we are all  ushered into one small deep pool...Chad and I with our 6 kids and 4 arms...countless other parents and crying kids are huddled into some tiny second string pool....then we are told.... There has been an accident!? Oh no! Oh YES!

Someone has tampered with the purity of the pool....someone has...POOPED in the pool. ewwww....and (let me double check its none of my kids...nope, nope all good) come on now! Put a swimmer on your kids people! Empty those bowels before we hit the slides...seriously. Some peoples kids. Ugh. and now we must leave. Its all good though, the kids are still happy, we can eat dinner a bit earlier and we get a free voucher to come back another time. Ok, not bad. I feel like a smug mom since I know I was ( FINALLY) not the one to cause such chaos and  mayhem. There is still poop in our life but this time it was not  "ours" and as gross as that sounds, "someone Else's poop" makes me feel so good at this moment.

So we head to dinner early and even a 45 minute wait wont deter us. Mia is SET on wearing those moose antlers tonight and so we wait it out. Chad actually takes ALL 6 kids on a walk to the mall to Claires while I wait at the restaurant...they come back kids all in tact, Chad still looking chill, minutes later we are sat and ordered and life is again good!! We eat, we visit, we play tic tac toe on the paper table top. We clink glasses, we smile at each other, we pat our selves on the back at being so gosh darn amazing put together people! Yes, you over there, take a long stare, we are the BOMB. All these kids are ours, (ok well except Billy Gene,) but they are well behaved, they are clean, they are cute ( if I do say so myself) and we are a glowing example of a family out on the town keeping it real! We get through our meal, Yvette even pees on the potty, Mia gets her very special bday dessert and sparkler! The wait staff sing! We cheer! I take pictures!! Oh this is all so Sunday evening family movie perfect.....we are ready for the bill, the kids are getting coats on, the waitress ( on her second shift only ever) is bringing the debit machine over and we are casually chatting about how good dinner was when I mom spider sense is tingling...I slowly look to my right....I hear this... " gargle umph spit sputter gag"  say what? I look over...4 of 6 kids are going to the door, Yvette is still in her booster, Ryley stands at my feet..... Green...... He looks at me square in the eye...he looks to the left, I pause, my heart stops and then it happens.... Ryley starts to PROJECTILE VOMIT everywhere. First on my feet...then the floor...then Yvette's chair...then Chad comes outta nowhere with a mason jar mug full of melted ice and soon Ryleys re birthed dinner....the waitress is in shock...the patrons to the left of us eating dinner pause and gawk... I am brought back to reality. Yes. This is more like it. We are NOT perfect family movie family. We are us. The Frigons. We have 5 Young kids and these are the things that happen to us ALL the time. *sigh* It was a wonderful 10 hours of feeling like that fake family. It felt good dammit. Poor Ryley.....he threw up all but his stomach lining, then held his head up high, walked over his vomit pile and our the front door like a champ. Said, "thanks guys, I feel good now!"  Chad paid the bill. Said he left the biggest tip of his life....and now I wonder if we are the Montana's " do no allow in" list. Heavy sigh. 
As we drive home the kids are quiet, the cartoons softly play in the back, Ryley really is fine and I think, MAN....that was FUNNY! Did you see that girls face?! Second shift ever? Lets break that newbie in! Thank god it was all over the restaurant floor and not in my new Ford. First vomit mess to spur from my kids that I don't actually have to clean up. Frig, I wish my kids would puke exclusively in restaurants or wall marts or something...they employ people to clean that stuff up, you know who I employ, NO ONE.  You know what, its been a good day. Life sure has changed a lot on the last 7 years and its crazy for sure but its good. Its fun, and I'm a lucky lady to get to live through this experience.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!!!  I love you. Your the most special little big girl I know and I feel beyond privileged to get to see you grow up. * muwah!* Big kisses for my big girl!!
The boy and Yvette posing at Mac Island
Birthday girl and Billie Gene at dinner!
Here comes dessert!! Look at that sparkler!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday...the night before Mia is 7

Tomorrow my first born, my daughter, my blue eyed strawberry blond swimming dancing big hearted Mia is going to be SEVEN. Oh my gosh....I kind of keep forgetting that her birthday is tomorrow and then I remember all of a sudden and feel so sad. Shes having a sleep over next week after thanksgiving when all her little friends are around so tomorrow is family birthday time and shes going to pick our activities for the day....I always feel so....( well OLD no kidding)....more, reminiscent when one of my babies has a birthday and Mia especially, she seems to be growing so fast and all those old sayings really are starting to ring true.." the days are long but the years are short"...Today I feel a round belly from doughnuts and too much coffee creamer, 7 years ago my round belly was much cuter...
Ok sideways, but 7 years ago Mia was here...

I loved being pregnant with her...I loved having her all to myself when she was little. She was baby perfection honestly....

Today was so go go go and I feel like I owe my Miss Mia a proper happy birthday message so tomorrow night I'm going to gather some old beautiful pictures of her and make a little birthday love letter to her. Tonight I sign off for now to go and waste time on Pinterst...the daily struggle to not look at yummy dessert recipes but to stay inspired with fitness quotes, ha!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Summary

I would just like to say that this sums up my day. Well all of my days really :)  And that is all....

Coffee...and twos

Now from old posts I think you would be able to tell my love and desire and general need of coffee is pretty strong. Even though the kids are getting bigger I just cant seem to ween myself off the stuff. In fact it might be getting worse, I now own this tiny magic Keurig. Oh the things it has done to my routine. Where to start?

They have been around for years of course but since my consumption is so high why in the world would I settle for one cup at a time?? ONE cup, come on now, that's like being those people who take one bite of cake and put the rest away for later, pansies. Wimps. Quitters. I like it by the pot full so I have never bothered to get one. That said I never had to buy one, it was just my luck this summer that I WON cool I know, I never win much, well except that time I won the genetic lottery...kidding...haha..if you saw me and my family you would know that's an awful joke... Ok so I win this fancy little thing which was so exciting I almost peed. Then a lady tried to barter with me to get my Keurig, she offered me her brand new BBQ that she just won and boy oh boy was Chad trying to make that trade.  (Off topic we won this at a company golf tournament and a few hot day, cold adult beverages were consumed prior to prize time. The poor girl who won the supercool, way better than my mini Keurig, BBQ was so smashed that I could have traded her my mini Keurig for her bbq, her new car and her first born and I'm pretty sure she wouldnt have remembered a thing and just been happy to have a cup of coffee in ONE minute the next day....well until she went to drive to work and saw an empty driveway...ok ok, off the topic....where was I? coffee! 
SO my first time using it, pretty cool, like it, its fast and yummy and good. One cup though, still not enough. SO in the past I have tried to set my timer on my coffee maker and pre make it the night before so at 6:30 its hot and fresh when I come down to start this life. Realistically I did that twice and Chad actually did it for me for weeks but lets get real, we are both lazy sacks of you know what by the end of the day and we barley get the dishwasher started and an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians  in before we crash so I never remember to do it, or tell myself in the morning it will take me like 5 minutes, no big deal, I convince myself every night....but then waiting for the first pot to brew in the morning is killer all a mess, nightgown all twisted eyes half open crusty with sleep...standing and waiting for my personality to finish brewing....what to do....

By now I know you've guessed it, I still don't pre make my coffee in the morning, that's way to on the ball for me...BUT I DO make a quick one minute cup of Keurig coffee! Its done brewing by the time I have the big pot on the go and I can stand a little straighter drinking my first hot cup of love and affection while I wait for the big guns to finish up. Its totally a win win....I don't spend tons of money on K cups..I still get to enjoy one a day and I still get my copious amounts of caffeine in the morning all at the same time. I feel so happy. It was a blessed day when I brought that mini Keurig home..That's all I needed in life was two coffee makers, why didn't I think of this before? ...I like things in twos in general so why I didnt think of this before is beyond me? Why have one chocolate  bar when you can have two? Why have one suburban when you can have two?  Why have one house when you can have two? ( ok those last two are Chads doing, not mine)  Heck why have one kid at a time when you can have two? ( Reed and Ryley...) Why have one husband when you can have two?  One to do the yard work...oh no wait Im kidding, I don't have two husbands but wouldn't that be nice too? One to do the yard work while one sleeps on the couch after supper and then they can trade days? aaah. I do like things in two. Thank you Keurig for helping a girl out :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A new leaf?

I woke up this morning like I have every other morning for nearly two weeks...tired. In part due to the kids still wake up in the night ( I had a bad dream! I peed the bed! Is it morning?)
and in part due to the fact that I cant shake a horrible feeling. Its a sad, deep, dark blue depressed feeling that I cant get rid of. Its not usual for me to be so, what's the saying, down and out?  Its left me welling up in tears for a week and its not getting any better. In case your wondering, no its not the lack of chocolate in the house lately, although that has been welling up in tears too everytime I go to grab a Halloween treat and end up with a rice cake, BOO!  I need a change. I need to stop spinning in circles and screaming nonsense that no one is listening too, and I don't mean the kids.

Where to begin?

This has been the best year of my life...and the worst year. There has been personal goals reached, family  milestones crossed, new places travelled, new friends made and loved. There has also been struggles. Relationships tested, values put under the microscope, friends lost through poor or no communication, the highs have been wonderfully high and the lows, the deepest I have seen or been through yet.  I am usually a lady who will look at the bright side, and be happy at the end of the day but not lately. Not today, not anyday for a while.... now I'm rambling. OK. Today I decided to take leave of absence from my lovely Facebook. Aah, Facebook....

I love Facebook, we have been friends for years!! I use it always and since the beginning it has always been there for me. It marks my days accomplishments, it remembers a funny post my kids said when they were 2, it logs all my most treasured pictures and funny stories. It lets me see pictures of loved ones near and far, its my social calendar and outlet to communicate while I continue this stay at home mom gig. Facebook how I love you....but like any long term relationship we have hit a bump. 

For me, currently, It has become an outlet for miscommunication, misunderstanding, assumptions, blame, lies and hurtful accusations with no ground to stand on. What happended to the days of a phone call to clear the air, a coffee to talk over our woes, a hug to say sorry I messed up and the respect of a face to face chat?  To me those days are gone, people post cruel messages full of hurtful words and accusations without having to look you in the eye. People make assumptions based on rumors and gossip without the benefit of the doubt or at least a phone call. Words are turned around, intentions are lost and hate and bullying seem to be the way some people use their facebook. I don't think this is the norm nor do I think that all my dealings on facebook in recent months have been negative, but some have, and these have affected me in a large way. I don't love it when my daughter sees me tearful reading a hurtful message. I don't like the freedom to send out hate into the world of facebook without any consequence just stand back and let the chips fall where they may.

I need a break.

I need to remember why I began on facebook in the first place? I need to take a step back and evaluate what I do and what I say and how its coming across to people? I don't want to hurt people unintentionally and I don't want to walk around with the images in my head that some people have been poorly painting of me..... I am awful too....I will read and re-read again and again a hurtful message, I will replay an event over and over and wonder how it went so wrong or how I was able to be taken so wrong?...I will pick it apart and over and under until its burned into my brain. I wont sleep. I feel sick all day. I run until my lungs burn because I forget to breathe while thinking of these moments again and again....Its such a bad thing...I need to let go of the hateful things from this last year and move conclusion is, its hard to move on when people have you at their fingertips on facebook. Oh you can delete them, you can block them, you can make your facebook a fortress and there is still ways around it...people will find you...facebook has made our world so small at times that we are connected in ways we don't even know!? 
So for me,  its hard to move on when you see it happen again and again. Its hard to say "please leave me be" when I make myself so vulnerable by displaying my life on facebook for the lovers and apparently for the haters. So for now I am turning over a new leaf. I am a lady who likes to chat and show off my life because you know what its a pretty frigon great life and I can do that in other ways.  I will  put aside facebook and let things just be. I am letting go of all the negativity, which sadly includes facebook right now. Guess what, I am a nice person, a good mom, friend and wife and I know who I am at my very core. I felt so shaken as of late, so much so that I questioned all of those things. Guess what though, I have a husband who loves me more than he loves his own life, children who ( even if sooo annoying at times) just want to be by my side all ( like ALL) the time. I have friends who care, friends who understand and friends who love me no matter. I have family near and far that I know I can always call on. This is what is important. This is what I have to remember and this break is going to be a nice time to remember and reflect on all the good things.... and you know what, when I get back to feeling full of life and love again, guess what? I will NEVER be bullied into silence again. I will never allow myself to be made a victim like I have. I will NEVER accept anyones definition of my life. I DEFINE MYSELF. I am awesome. So look out.