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Monday, June 29, 2009

A hot shower

A neccessity. Wait....a luxury?
Since when did having a shower become a luxury? When did it stop being so routine? You know, &am Alarm. hit snooze...hit snooze again...stumble into the shower..... Oh yes now I remember, since I decided that night to let Chad have his way with me and I ended up with newborn Twins...and a 1 year old AND a two year old. So now to shower is sadly a luxury. I spend some of that time in bed at night, you know right before you fall asleep, actually plotting my morning out so that I can try my best to have a shower and not have the world as I know it come crashing down around me. Some days are good...and others are, well not so good....As a rule I have always tried to shower at nap time. Good luck with that now. So I have had to come up with new stratigies, and for some reason that friendly police officer says I cant put all the kids in the mini van with Kung Fu Panda playing at an attempt to keep peace while I shower....darn....ok new plan. Why is this so hard? Why cant I just say, " Hey, kids, listen up! Mommy is going to shower and rinse off all this spit up, vomit, play doh, poopy mess you've made of me!" But I cant say that, becasue then they will know that I have actually left the room, and God forbid I should be alone for 5 minutes. So instead I put the twins in the bouncy chairs to stare confused at eachother, Coy in the highchair with a tray full of delicious snacks and as for Mia I pop in the Dora the Explorer DVD and give her a sippy cup of chocolate milk. Now I can shower in peace, alone with my thoughts and perhaps I can close my eyes and cherish this one small moment of time in my day that is for me, just maybe I can..... or I can open my eyes to see Mia standing with the curtin pulled back water spraying all over the floor while she tries to get her tub toys out. Now, I hear Coy crying as all the cherrios are on the floor and the twins, well they at least are still staring confused at eachother. Oh well, guess I will try to get those legs shaved tomorrow.

Poop- Its always on my mind

This morning I woke up and my day started pretty good! Early as usual no one here likes to sleep past 6am but I felt perky after a solid 4 hours in a row.....however just like that things can change, and with 7 little words my day got a little worse....

" Mommy, Coy has poop on his forehead." WHAT?!?!
Cue the chaos.
Why is it on his head? Who put it there? Is it anywhere else? And the worst question of all..who's poop is it???
And with that my day goes from good to crap.Literally. Why oh WHY must I have to deal with so much poop! I am amazed at how often I have my hands in it, its on diapers, in pajamas, part in the potty, part out of the potty (this happens when Mia is craning her head to Sesame Street from the toilet and her little tush just isn't quite on right) And today its on the forehead, Coy has discovered that like his father a good tush scratch can feel pretty darn good, however he fails to see that when his diaper is full of poo and you reach down that diaper you get more than sweet relief from an itch.
So today at 8 am I am once again up to elbows in poo... Am I surprised? not day I have hopes that poop will once again be a private thing that you don't see, hear or smell or have to investigate. It will be something you only know is happening when you hear the fan in the bathroom and cant find your recent copy of people magazine. One day, one day....

And Twins make 6

The Twins arrive
Actual stats...38 weeks 6 days pregnant with twins
water broke 11:36 pm Sat night
Reed was born 12:12 am
Ryley was born 12:18 am
I am just 27, married and now a mother of 4 childen all under 2 and a didnt I just fake a headche more often??Just as I had given up all hope of a early labour and given into to more ice cream, the twins decided they were ready to come. It was the late evening of Saturday March 14 2009. My daughter Mia is not quite 2 and a half and my son Coy has just turned 1...and in a matter of 36 minutes my llife would never be the same....I had gone to bed at 10pm that night, zero contractions, 1 day from being 39 weeks pregnant with my third AND fourth children...I was silently cursing all the things I had read and been told these last 9 months about twins arriving earl because I know now that I will be pregnant forever and the only woman to go 42 weeks with twins...hmm maybe I will make the news?? Chad, the love of my life, my soul mate and the big jerk who got me in this situation stayed up to finsh watching what I'm sure was a sad hockey game, by the Edmonton Oilers...then at 11:30pm I wake up, like normal every 2 hours or so, to lets say...relieve myself.Just as I was getting back into bed, nice warm water began to trickle all down my legs.....hmmm I think, 'seriously, did my water just break? no..could it be?? Am I dreaming? Is this real? Did I just wet the bed and I am having one of 'those' dreams?? mmm, Lets wake Chad and see...' seeing as how my water never broke on its own with my other two children this was so interesting!So I wake up Chad, I walk around to see the clock the entire time leaking like a faucett, and I tell him I think my water broke, he jumps up, and looks at the clock I go to get dressed just as I hear Mia on the baby monitor " Mommy, I wet my bed!!!" Sorry twins, you will have to wait as I msut now change some what a wet evening we are having... ok sheets changed, called my trusty gal Kirsten to come over to out place and then BAM my first contraction...ok, reality has struck and this is serious and we need to go NOW...Chad runs to the neighbors to wake them to come over at my urgency to leave,however they are away for the evening. Luckily Kirsten shows up just as we are getting in the car and a social services call for abandonded children has been avoided. Now Chad is driving, and I am "clenching" contractions are every minute and I really am seriously holding my legs closed and trying to concentrate on keeping them in...we make the 7 min drive to the hospitial ( longest drive ever!) Chad runs to get me a wheel chair, you see I'm afraid if I stand up the first baby will seriously fall out, no joke... Chad was getting no service so I crawl into Emergency and say breathlessly I am in loabor with twins and they are coming they manage to get this broken wheel chair from 1960 over to me and this poor nurse to wheel me upstairs while Chad registers us. In my few seconds in the Emergency room I had managed to get my shoes kicked off and my purse thrown to Chad as I am in very much need to push...I tell this poor nurse to run and she so sweetly says " its ok, just breathe" and I say so sweetly, " seriously, run, you have to RUN down this hall NOW' she runs :)We take a staff elevator to the 3rd floor and I am dying to push these guys out...we round the corner to the nurses desk, I "jump" out of the wheel chair while a nurse runs into an empty dark room..( not even sure at this point if the room was empty or even for me?) but I follow her while I am atteming to rip off my clothes so I can get these babies out! So total panic and pandamonium ensues...nurses screaming for more nurses, " get help! Bring in a warmer! Get someone here! We need a table! I need tools! NO!! Dont push!!" Sorry...ready or not, here comes Reed...two pushes, while laying crookedly on a bed clearly not ment for labor, Reed comes out! yea a boy!! He screams and Chad takes him alomst immediatly as there is not even a table to put them on at this moment....well the poor nurses didnt even know if the boys were head down and they were panicked, so a quick check of twin B heart beat and at my urging that they were both head down and Twin B was just waiting... so after a few more contractions and I must admit more effort to get him down, Ryley was born 6 minutes later! Thank God its over, they are healthy, they are boys and I am never never never never having sex again. :)