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Friday, October 30, 2009

Passive Aggressive

I just googled the meaning of this to see if it really fits with my newest little of the sites I found stated this: Passive Aggressive

" Fostering Chaos- The man prefers to leave the puzzle incomplete, the job undone"

hmm...interetsing....I scrolled a little further down the page to see if they had asked my permission to use Chads picture next to this definition, lucky for him I see no picture. So here, let me verbally paint you a picture.
Again, I love my husband and he has too many great qualities to list and really that's all boring to read anyway, so its in my nature ( however cruel) to choose the small annoying and idiotic things that he does to share with the world, but yes I love him with my entire cruel little heart and would never trade him for anything or anyone....

SO, background. Our living room/family room in this current house is carpet. The living room/family that is DIRECTLY off the kitchen is carpet and our furniture in this room ( purchased pre children, clearly...) is chocolate brown micro fibre. So, I suppose you could call me a " free spirit" or even a rebel but you know what I don't care, I am a rebel! On occasion I will sit in the family room my sad piece of burnt toast and drink my cold coffee! eek! I do, I do, its natural for me. I eat ALL my meals at the dining room table but sometimes a quick breakfast or small snack are not consumed entirely at the table. This drives my poor Chad MENTAL. He thinks I teach the kids bad habbits..meals/snacks/any form of liquid is to absolutely positively be at the table, no room for discussion, ( he was raised this way, makes for some interesting snack times at grandmas house) So on occasion things get on the carpet. I have a steam cleaner (which I use daily) and to my credit I try to give the kids things like crackers or wheat puffs as snack that should not stain and I have been getting really good and forcing snacks to be at the table. FYI, we do eat all out actual MEALS at the table, I'm just loose on snack times so I will take flack for some mess....however some things really are beyond my control...such as, snot, vomit, random acts of pee, spit up from freshly feed crawling babies ( and yes, its always orange? Darn sweet potatoes and carrots) So The furniture and carpet is looking a little worn, but still clean-ish.
Chad get so upset but in a silent eye rolling deep breath holding kind of way when he sees food in the living room. He never cleans the mess so my take it why get so upset about it.Its always clean when he comes home from work and really it is what it is.
However, lately there have been more messes. The twins are massive puckers...they spit up ALL THE TIME. And in trying to get Coy to understand the use of the potty he tends to walk around a little more naked from the waist down than I would like and then we have those random acts of the other day Chad is sitting on the couch and sees Coy pee and says to me " Coy peed in the living room" I am doing the dishes at this I clean the dishes and kitchen and getting the twins ready for bath time step in pee...I say " Theres is more pee here" Chad looks up from the couch and says " oh no, thats the original pee" .......uh, I clean it up....this actually happens a few more times over the next few days, not just pee, baby spit up, Coy was sick and had some Flem vomit type goop hit the floor....and he was always present and noted the mess but never ever did a darn thing about it and a few times never even told me he knew of it until I discovered it some disgusting way or another ( picture rolling on the floor playing with the twins and rolling into warm pee)
SO finally one day I say to him " hey, you know, it would help the cause if when you SAW a mess happen, guess what, you clean it up...that would be great. I would be an ever so thankful wife"
So literally moments later he says " Coy peed..whaddya want me to do" I'm not usually viewed as the smart one in the realationship ( I'm a little dumb but happy) so I say slowly " clean. it. up?"
I am changing a diaper and the another diaper and then dressing Coy, and putting the laundry away in the baby room, so some times does pass and I come into the living room and I see a piece of newspaper laying ever so neatly on top of pee.
so we wont go into what happens next, I dont need to have spousal abuse added to my list of qualities but lets just say it shouldn't happen again.
So is this his passive aggressive behavior? Is this him re acting to me and my slack ways? Whichever it is I don't like it and this will be my wifely mission to change his ways.
That's all for now :)