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Friday, September 30, 2011

" Good boy!"

I think you can tell that I have been trying to encourage the twins to poo on the potty when, after I call out Chads name he says
" I'm in the know"
and then without even thinking I clap my hands and say " good boy!"

oopsy. I guess Chad doesnt need poop encouragement, my bad.

I wonder when the day will come that I dont poo have in the forfront of my mind so we had a playdate with a few of the " school mommies" and while they were here I changed 6 poopey pull ups, no joke. Then at one point Ryley came to get a baby wipe and foolish me gave him one when he asked without question. He came to me moments later with a wipe full of poop. I still dont know where he got it from. ugh. I hate poop.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I just wanted to write something quick about the post I put up last night, first I should say I love being a mom, I really do, I think that my kids are the best thing that I have ever done in my life, plain and simple....But if I sounded jaded last night let me put you where I was when I wrote was late and all three boys were still awake!! The only one being cooperative was the 2.5 month old baby! I am so tired of listening o them be crazy until late into the evening and am more tired of them coming out of their rooms and down the stairs every 5 minutes, makes me want to build giant man cribs and put all the boys back in them so they cant escape! Cribs until Kindergarten sounds good to me!

We have had such a good bedtime routine over here for almost 5 years now and I feel like its all gone to crap the last couple of months, I am trying desperately to get the little buggers back to the good old way but its proving difficult. I NEED at least 2 hours of alone time in the evening and would like them from 8-10 not midnight to 2am... On top of that Chad and I have been trying to get back into some kind of shape by eating better ( meaning food is not great these days and food is, next to Chad, my one true love...I miss it dearly) so we try to get the lunatics to bed so we can go downstairs and jump our soft jiggly bodies around into a big sweaty coma inducing its not like when sad lunatics fall asleep I even have much to look forward too, ( however seeing Chad doing Yoga IS as much fun as it sounds ;)

Anyway I am off topic...I was disgruntled last night about the attitudes of my kids, the loss of our routines that I NEED and was feeling like a big mess of a is a new day, ( and National coffee day my face book friend Leah tells me!) I slept well, and I have a new hope for the day and the evening that follows- I also had Chad put a lock on the outside of the boys room, so let me tell you come 8 pm tonight I am locking those buggers in their room and I could care less what they do...if I dont smell smoke ( or poo) this lady is O.U.T.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I dont have a lot of secrets, (well I guess unless you count Coy telling me where all his trains are hidden so Reed and Ryley cant find them) and this is good because I hate keeping them and more often than not forget that I even knew of certian secrets... I have too much craziness going on in my brain daily and lose track of things that are not yelling, pooping or vomiting in my direction...however I have learned a few secrets in the last few days but yes, I will be keeping them they are secrets you know :)

So I was thinking all about me and my own secrets ( like I LOVE to pick boogers from my kids joke, I really do love it its really satisfying to get a good big one!)...Anyway, today after I dropped Mia off at school I took the other 4 kiddies to Extra foods when I ran into a wonderful lady that I met at Mias dance classes last year. She is the grandmother to one of the little dancers and is a very kind, warm, funny, just plain sweet lady. She talked to me for a few minutes while I loaded my brood into the cart. She said so many beautiful things to me, about me, that I wanted to blush and then hang my head in shame at being praised so... Its so odd to hear so many wonderful things all in one sentence when usually I am just getting yelled at by the poopey pukey things I just put in my cart. I said to her something that I have said before to other people,

" Oh your too nice, dont let me fool you, its all just really smoke and mirrors! I am really struggling every day to get us all put together!"

Then after we parted I wondered, is that my big secret? My secret is that I try hard...I try SO hard to make it seem like no big deal? Why? I dont know? Maybe that way when things fall apart it can seem like it was no big deal anyway? I guess this is something I just do, I think a lot of us do...let me tell you this day to day life of mine, its a lot of work, at this stage a lot of pretty darn thankless work...sometimes ( and mommies at certin playgroups I have been to can attest to this) something will happen, and I will be broken for a miute, long enough to question...I will question all that I do, and know about trying to be a good mom to these kids, how do you do that???...let alone how do you try to be a good wife, a good friend, a good daughter, a good sister at the same time...what am I even doing being a mom I have no idea what I am doing??I never even had a pet as a kid, who wold give me a baby let alone 5?!What was I thinking..

Then someone will need a new diaper or a snack or a hug and then I am brought back to reality and snapped quickly away from pondering too long on life. I will continue to plug away at this stay at home mom/wife thing and continue to try my best to make it look like no big deal even when it is a big deal..because I think deep down we all must know that it really is a big deal, right?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Facebook updates

People keep saying that I should save my facebok updates, or write them in a journal or something to preserve the moments from this " memorable time in my life"...I think that its actually a really good idea and wish I would have saved them somehow, so I plan to figure out a way to retrieve a bunch from facebook if I can. You know I cant even remember when the twins took their first steps or what their first words were, its like the whole first 18 months of their life was so trauamtic to me that I have just literally blocked it all from now on I am going to take this blog this a bit more seriously and maybe keep a running track of my updates just for fun, that way when I have a better reason to be forgetful ( like old age and not just post partum) I will be able to look back maybe fondly ( ok most likely not fondly but with some kind of emoition) on this "memorable time in my life"....
A tad unrelated, I saw a woman at the YMCA today that found out she was 12 weeks pregnant with twins, she was looking for advice...In that moment I was looking for the number to the phsyc ward at the hospitial and the Betty Ford clinic for her for about 6 months from now. I always wonder if people expect me to be sunny and happy about the whole twin thing...and sometimes I wonder if I should be? I am not a good actress and 2 years ago life sucked hard and if you ask the question and are brave enough to listen I will offer you some advice is, it sucks. It just does. Unless you are a celebrity, have a raelity show or LOTS of paid help when you have small children and throw twins in the mix be prepared for about 18 months of a hard core suck fest.