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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who do you call when...??

So this post will be short and to the point...( as tonight I am trying to scrounge up the small details of my children's lives and add them to their scrapbooks before I lose my mind and we never know Coys favorite food or bedtime story)

So this is all about my Coy boy, I have noted prior that he loves to eat anything....and I guess drink anything too???

OK, I said I would be brief he we go, ( side note: please reserve judgement on me as a parent until the children are grown and we can really see how they turn out, and if indeed they are normal or.... not normal)

Coy had a bath after supper, very normal. Coy got out of bath clean and naked. Very normal. Coy ran around the island in the kitchen naked. Again, normal... As I stand in the other room observing Coy with motherly love and affection, I see him brace into his " I am going to pee on the floor" he pees on the floor in the kitchen ( sadly this is more normal than I would like as well) So as I am making my way over many a toy to get to him to clean up, the not normal happened. Coy got down on all fours and .....I cringe as I write this.....lapped up some pee......EWWWWWW!!! You can guess what I felt as I'm sure you feel it now and it wasn't that he actually got that much before I reached him but still, do I need to call poison control? Health link? The ER?? However as I am pretty busy most nights, another situation called me away after the pee was clean and Coy freshly diapered so I never did call anyone and so far Coy is still alive. there you have it, as short as I could have made it :)

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