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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To be unfriended

A few years ago if a casual friend didnt want to be so casually friendly anymore, they may just avoid you at the grocery store, stop inviting you to their"candle parties" or pretend not to see you as they drive down the road while you wave to them from the sidewalk. If your like me, you may not think much of this, of couse almost anything can be explained away with one excuse or another, trying to convince yourself thats is not you, dont take it personally, dont have your feelings hurt by it all. People are busy, people have homes and children and husbands and jobs and dogs that need tending too and so life goes on and you contine to live in your happy bubble, oblivious to the fact that someone out there doesnt really like you.
And then came facebook. Which I LOVE, its saved me a lot of therapy money as a good outlet to vent and visit and stay in touch, really to stay sane these days... however today I casually went to write a message to a casual friend and noticed that we were no longer friends . hmm.
almost yelling at me from the computer...add as friend....I thought we were friends. Well that sucks. I was going to ask you to order me more eye cream from that lady you know...darn...Now this blaring truth Is just one of those things that cant be explained away or that you can make up an excuse for... Someone made a concious decision to click delete, the confirm the delete. I really shouldnt take it personally right? Some people really do only have good friends on facebook right, maybe this person just wants to have really good friends on here not just casual she must have...lets see now....154....154 really good friends and no casual ones?? Um, yes, thats not making me feel better.. Ok ...well I shouldnt dwell on it but it really does suck. I wonder if there should be some kind of facebook ettiquite? Like, dont delete the "friends" you will most likley run into? Dont delete the ones that you still have mutual friends with? Would it kill you to keep me on your list? Maybe just hide me from your newfeeds etc...see this is what I would do, then I can not be annoyed by you, but you, the hidden one, would never know...not that I do this...really I dont...Jeez! Isnt this Soooo pathetic of me trying to come up with a way that you cruel friend deleter could have spared my feelings? Clearly because you care in the slightest that my feelings are hurt...I would have spared yours but thats just me. So you know next time I happen to see you at Safeway or at the bank or the school I am going to give you a big smile and a wave and say hi!! how are you!! So good to see you!! Too bad you cant delete me in real too huh!?
Oh well, I am letting it go....I hope.

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