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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vegas part 2

I am sitting in the Edmonton airport killing time until my flight...I am thinking about my trip and all that we did and all that we wanted to do but didnt have time for...I am thinking about how out of shape I am because my legs are killing me from all the walking! All in all, it was a great trip!! My first impressions were not that fantastic and after the first day there I was kind of questioning if this was the the kind of holiday for me, but in the end I would love to go back, there so much I didnt get to do that I want too! I think the key is time of day ( walking the strip for the first time at 1 am in horribly uncomfortable shoes, after losing your credit card and having your breasts exploding because I forgot the pump, all directly after flying all day and getting up at 5am to boot... not the greatest way to first experience Vegas) A good nights sleep, a fun breakfast and a noticeable lack of nudie cards made the trip much better!

People told me going on a holiday with your girlfriends will make or break your friendship and I have to say I still love those crazy Zambuca shooting- high fiving strangers- shop till you drop buying $30 chap stick... party animals that I call Leah and Natalie. Ok, Leah is a bit more a party animal but I wont blame Natalie, she doesnt like to feel out of control, and who else would have put me in my jammies and taken my contact out if it wasnt for Natalie and her in control ways! ;)

We saw "O" last night...first actually we had to buy tickets that were TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS to see O, I had a mini panic attack thinking how many "foot rubs" I was going to have to give Chad for those tickets and was hoping it was going to live up to all the hype. So for the record I want to say, IT DID live up, did it ever!!! WOWOWOWOWOWWW! It was AMAZING! There were times I was so nervous for the performers that I couldnt keep the gasps in if I wanted too and my hands were sweating like a teenage boy dancing with his first girl! It was so great I would go again in a heartbeat! We didnt get to go on the roller coaster in New York New york due to excessive shopping and so that was disappointing but it will be something to do next time. We did however get all gussied up in our mommy best and went to the Bellagio before "O" and had a VERY yummy dinner in a VERY fancy restaurant. I think the restaurant actually made Natalie a bit snooty it was so fancy she wouldnt let me ask the waiter to take our picture because " it wasnt his job and not that kind of place" boooo to her! We got to eat food that melted in my mouth, we were truly waited on like we were special and we were able to see the most breathtaking water show from the terrace that I have ever seen, now THIS was my kind of holiday!
We strolled the Forum shops with all their Gucci, Prada, Dior stores like were were so poshy posh. Last night was in Stark contrast to the blue jean wearing, zip lining drunk dancing in the street to Def Leopard that was the night before, this was classy Vegas and I LOVED it Who knew?
I had so much fun with these ladies, we had such great moments of real hearty laughing, new experiences and wonderful memories that I am glad I went with them and was a part of it!

Today though I feel anxious to get home. The 3 hour plane ride from Vegas to Edmonton was LONG, I just wanted to get there and get there quickly! (and the man behind me kept farting...he kept saying excuse me but that didnt help, it was baaaad.)
I actually burst into tears talking to a security woman in the EIA... She was older and kind and I was last in line to check my bags again for my connecting flight. She made small talk with me and asked me if I had a good trip and I said it was my first trip away from my baby girl...she patted my arm and the tears started flowing from me so quickly that I couldnt stop them if I tried. She was so kind and told me stories of when she left her babies to holiday and felt the same way...I am so conflicted by these emotions, I want to get away and relax and find myself again but when I go my heart is broken and aching for my babies....I wil be home in 2 hours from now and it just cant come soon enough! I called Chad and spoke to the kids and cried the whole conversation, people looked at me like I was crazy but thats ok, I dont care :)

So when I get home tonight I am going to put up some pictures on facebook and re live the Vegas experience!! Talk to you later! Time to board my plane and get home to my family!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! You will also have a great time when you get home and see you little faces and start re living your time a two for one holiday!