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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Annoying my husband

So I am pretty sure that I annoy Chad on a daily if not hourly basis...he is usually pretty mellow about his level of annoyance which I really do appreciate because I am the same way back to him, or I try to be...Or Chad will show his annoyance by being one of the THE MOST passive aggressive people I know...( next to all the other passive aggressive people in his family, he comes by it naturally at least) so I was suprised today when I annoyed him and he let it be known...which annoyed ME....because his reason for being annoyed was VERY annoying to me. Is this confusing? Yes I know sorry for this.

Ok, let see, what could be so bad that I have openly ticked him off? Was it the 2.5 hour nap that I let him have after dinner ( that I cooked) last night...all the while I cleaned the kitchen and bathed FIVE children all by myself? Did I annoy him when he was able to go out directly afte rwork this week leaving me alone to put 5 kids to bed? Did it annoy him that I gave him more than 3 hours this morning to be alone while I took all the kids to our friends house? Lastly, ( so as not to be too annoying) did I annoy him when he was able to sleep uninterupted until 8am while I got up 4 times with Yvette lat night? No, no this clearly did not annoy him because its his life, this is the luxury of being a dad, being Chad.
Today I called Sobeys and ordered Mia a birthday cake. This is the FIRST cake I have NOT made myself, ever, in the 10 birthdays that our kids have had combined. Mia is having a party...with 13 friends, we are doing a craft and having a treasure hunt and all kinds of fun party things. Being a TAD busy latley than I have been in the past I dont exactly have the time or energy to make Mia a special Barbie cake that she has this year I " took the easy way out" and ordered a cake. HEAVEN FORBID I do this!! How DARE I ORDER a cake!! The INJUSTICE of it all!!!...our child should eat a birthday cake not crafted by my own two poop filled hands! This ticked him off. Ticked him off a lot. Mia even said while siting on my lap,

"mommy your not supposed to use DADS money to buy a cake?"

Chad replies,

" exactly, shes not supposed too without asking"

Let me tell you the two things that got me so boiling mad I could have picked up that poopey diaper and flung it at his annoying head:

1) using " HIS " money to buy a cake
2) impling that I cant make this mediorce decision on my own

Well let me tell you something CHAD, if YOU want to plan the party, cook the party food, clean the house before and after, warp the presants, supervise the kids, call people to make sure they are coming etc etc etc then feel free, please, to step up and do a little work... oh and feel free to bake whatever kind of cake YOU want. Oh and please do all this in the 1.5 hours that I have free in a week while I take care of everyone else in this house.
I promise that I will NEVER order you a cake for your birthday my dear husband...and if I dont have time or energy to make you one feel free to make your own.

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