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Friday, October 7, 2011


Is it my right as a mom to not always listen to what my kids say? Typically I tune them out because they are loud and whiny and just super annoying so I tune them out or I otherwise might ram a fork into my own eye or something...and then lately they have been kind of cute and sweet and I have been trying to pay better attention to all that they have to say.... *gasp* (I know, I cant even believe it myself) and Reed and Ryley are really starting to get this talking thing down...but for the last few days they will talk to me, and really with a lot of animation and inflection and gestures and I am following along all,
" no!? really! Wow...good boy! Can you show me?"
and I have to say " show me" all the time because I have zero idea what they are talking about, like no idea, none...notta clue, blank screen over here...
So because I am trying to encourage some kind of communication other than screaming random threats from the kitchen to the toy room I try to get them to take me by the hand and show me what they are talking about and they will guide me to the plain wall in the corner, where there are no toys or drawings or anything at all and be really into it...again no clue? Its a blank wall?? I don't get it. So I am really playing along and I feel bad when our little moment is over, they walk away happy and I am confused and feeling guilty that I cant understand them...I'm the mom I should know what they are saying? Does it hurt them that I pretend too? Should I try harder to get them to speak better, more clearly so that one day I will understand and maybe other people might too? But that's a lot of work...and they are happy and I am happy to play along for now. Who knows maybe I should examine that wall a little closer, perhaps I am missing something?

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