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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happily Exhausted

It has been such a busy few months and I had great massive intentions of writing a blog every week since New years and well then...LIFE happened! haha...Hoenstly it has been a really busy, really hectic, really CRAZY FUN times these last few months and I am going to share it all! I am going to catch up on this little old blog and see what I can remember! Its been a magical haze...

First I need to give a shout to Chad.  HOLLA!

While I have been busy selfishly indulging in so many of the things that I have always thought of and hoped to do he has been such a support. He has shuffled kids alone to and from Hockey games, to dance class, to swimming to...everywhere! He has done more than his share of alone bedtimes in the last 2 months and has had to eat cold meals ( that I had to cook before 5pm and then as soon as they were out of the oven jet off before he even was he would come home to a sitter, a house full of messy kids and a cold meal left for him)

Not once did he complain with vigour ...(ok there was light complaining but he had the right, haha!) If not for Chad,  I would have nothing to blog about, or be excited about, to work towards or strive for, if he wasn't there to back me up and set me loose and make me feel safe.

 There is nothing I could do to thank him for giving me all this freedom in the last few months...or wait? I did birth 5 babies for the guy, cook and clean and stay at home for 8 years doing mostly...well, baby stuff. Its MY time now...KIDDING! So thank you my love. Thank you for giving us such an amazing life and being such an amazing support so that the kids and I feel safe and confident to go and do whatever we think we can tackle. Thank my lucky stars I ran into you tipsy that night at Cowboys 13 and some years ago ;)

SO, I have a million things to write about and I will actually get to them but here is a quick summary:

( I was packing up some papers from my room, yes packing! These are things I came across, held in my hands, and made me remember what a year this has been already...and its only March!

- Cabarte first head shot...Cabaret is over...wahhh....I did it! Insecurities and all! Orange satin grandma shorts and all! lol! So sad to see it over, SO blessed and happy to have been a part of it.  Holding the program makes me weep and laugh...( more blogs on that to follow)

-Change of address forms..We are moving! EEEK! Still in Fort McMurray but two whole acres to call our a house that my children will grow up in, a home far better than one I ever could have imagined for myself, but delighted my babies will know this as home.
( again, more blogs on that to follow)

- I finally graduated ( more depressing and kind of funny blogs on that a theme!) A diploma in hand means I can RULE THE WORLD....haha!

- I fly out on Friday to Banff for my long debated and anticipated tummy tuck consultation. ( guess what...more to follow on that as well!

SEE there is so much going on...its all so meaningful and my life feels really full. I feel really happy and I can't wait to see what else comes down the tunnel this year!!

A few pictures of Cabaret just for fun? OK!! OH and maybe a small one of the house! Not the best picture but it will do for now!

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