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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The kids literally pee our money away

This is going to be super quick and I was going to write this last night but then at the ripe old time of 9pm I was exhausted and went to bed to watch love it or list it, haha!

Ok, so last night we are taking apart all the boys bunk beds (and by "we" I mean Chad)  I was being very helpful and chatty of course and then as we were piling the mattresses on the floor I remembered about 8 months ago we bought the boys new mattresses?

Why?? Well not because they were old or tattered, in fact they were quite new,  but because of this. BED WETTING. Ugh.

So Reed had a little issue with night time bed wetting. He's 5, give the kid a break. At the same time he also was having " sleepovers" in his brother beds. All the boys share room because they love it too much to go their separate ways so with accident after accident we had some very gross mattresses.

*Let me note that first I wasted a crap ton of money on big kid pull ups. The nights he wet the bed he would have taken them off because they "bothered him" the nights he wore them all night he woke up dry so they were garbaged totally useless,  so here I am buying $800 dollar pull-ups for a small man child and they are practically useless....

After many mattress flips, countless scrubs and cleaning, which is also SO MUCH FUN * shudder*  I said to Chad we needed to look into better mattress pads because this didn't seem to be going away, or a phase...( he has been pity trained since before 3 so 2 years later...doesnt seem like a phase to me)
The cheap plastic sheet I had from wall mart was uncomfy and crinkly and never stayed on anyway.

So we finally go to a furniture store, buy THREE brand new mattresses to replace the pee soaked ones, then we buy these aweomse comfy soft, totally washable totally chic-ey chic mattress pads made for PEE! They are awesome and I love them and they are like a million dollars. Ok maybe like just over 100, so we buy 3 new beds, 3 new covers and carry on a little lighter in the pocket.

8 months later as we take apart these beds guess what we realize?? Since the new beds...Reed has NEVER WET THE BED.

Its like he was waiting for something new, not covered in his old smell or something? I don't know. What I do know is what a annoying coincidence.

Ah well, we needed new beds and these pee sucker uppers are good for vomit too which come one now, we both know is never very far from my life :)

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