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Monday, March 2, 2015

To make a short..or do improv or both!

Being surrounded by all these uber talented theatric types has really got me thinking about things I love. I love to write. I love to talk. I love to be creative. I love to make a fool of myself in the process of trying to awesome. I like to try new things. ( I like chocolate but that doesn't really relate but just didn't want to leave that out)

This winter there was a little thing called Winter was put on by a  super cool group of people here in town who make up the Fort Mmurray film makers association. They have this challenge called the 72 hr film challenge where you and your group show up at the college, ready to sign up to make a short film in, wait...72 hours. However, they add elements at that exact moment you sign up that are a requirement to make your film qualify. That way there can be little pre planning and or work done in advance. Its usually 3 things and after the screening I learned this year the 3 things were, you and to have a time machine you had to say the phrase " I am totally in Nerdvana right now" and you had to show a way of renting a movie.

I dragged Chad with me to watch the screening of those films that made the cut and I loved it. THEN I thought, I can DO this. Because I am one of those totally naive people who thinks that they could  do almost anything? Chad has agreed to help me and in the first 5 minutes of watching the screenings Chad and I had our own idea, of course, what we might have done if we had been able to participate in this challenge. Of course its totally the greatest idea ever...and no one will ever know, haha!

SO I believe they have one in the summer as well, only it could be a 48hr challenge. My goal from now until then is to learn to operate some kind of camera or equipment or like, an iPad, well enough that I could maybe make a little submission.

There you have it! My next next side goal involved in the world of being creative and forcing myself and ideas onto people ;)

If anyone would be at all interested in doing this with me let me know. From what I gather we need, actors. Writers. Camera people. editors. I suppose I could do all this alone as one fellow did and did a great job but I kind of like the collaborative experience of it all...but lets be clear, although I am nice, I get a little bossy and you might have to hear me say things like " ok...thats a great idea! HOWEVER...." hehe

OOOH and I have been asking around about an improv group here in town....asa in we don't have one but we NEED one. Some new theatre men I know have said they are hoping to start one! Honestly if they don't, I might....again, no sill or experience just a blind thought that I said....They have let me know they are doing some workshops in the Peace Warriors Health and Arts Festival in May. 1-3rd I believe so I fully plan on checking that out, as you should. How much fun to make fools of ourselves together no!!?  :)

ok must go wake kids for school and feed and brush them. Be back soon. I am seriously going to be writing a lot. My fingers and my soul miss blabbing.

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