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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Coffee...and twos

Now from old posts I think you would be able to tell my love and desire and general need of coffee is pretty strong. Even though the kids are getting bigger I just cant seem to ween myself off the stuff. In fact it might be getting worse, I now own this tiny magic Keurig. Oh the things it has done to my routine. Where to start?

They have been around for years of course but since my consumption is so high why in the world would I settle for one cup at a time?? ONE cup, come on now, that's like being those people who take one bite of cake and put the rest away for later, pansies. Wimps. Quitters. I like it by the pot full so I have never bothered to get one. That said I never had to buy one, it was just my luck this summer that I WON cool I know, I never win much, well except that time I won the genetic lottery...kidding...haha..if you saw me and my family you would know that's an awful joke... Ok so I win this fancy little thing which was so exciting I almost peed. Then a lady tried to barter with me to get my Keurig, she offered me her brand new BBQ that she just won and boy oh boy was Chad trying to make that trade.  (Off topic we won this at a company golf tournament and a few hot day, cold adult beverages were consumed prior to prize time. The poor girl who won the supercool, way better than my mini Keurig, BBQ was so smashed that I could have traded her my mini Keurig for her bbq, her new car and her first born and I'm pretty sure she wouldnt have remembered a thing and just been happy to have a cup of coffee in ONE minute the next day....well until she went to drive to work and saw an empty driveway...ok ok, off the topic....where was I? coffee! 
SO my first time using it, pretty cool, like it, its fast and yummy and good. One cup though, still not enough. SO in the past I have tried to set my timer on my coffee maker and pre make it the night before so at 6:30 its hot and fresh when I come down to start this life. Realistically I did that twice and Chad actually did it for me for weeks but lets get real, we are both lazy sacks of you know what by the end of the day and we barley get the dishwasher started and an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians  in before we crash so I never remember to do it, or tell myself in the morning it will take me like 5 minutes, no big deal, I convince myself every night....but then waiting for the first pot to brew in the morning is killer all a mess, nightgown all twisted eyes half open crusty with sleep...standing and waiting for my personality to finish brewing....what to do....

By now I know you've guessed it, I still don't pre make my coffee in the morning, that's way to on the ball for me...BUT I DO make a quick one minute cup of Keurig coffee! Its done brewing by the time I have the big pot on the go and I can stand a little straighter drinking my first hot cup of love and affection while I wait for the big guns to finish up. Its totally a win win....I don't spend tons of money on K cups..I still get to enjoy one a day and I still get my copious amounts of caffeine in the morning all at the same time. I feel so happy. It was a blessed day when I brought that mini Keurig home..That's all I needed in life was two coffee makers, why didn't I think of this before? ...I like things in twos in general so why I didnt think of this before is beyond me? Why have one chocolate  bar when you can have two? Why have one suburban when you can have two?  Why have one house when you can have two? ( ok those last two are Chads doing, not mine)  Heck why have one kid at a time when you can have two? ( Reed and Ryley...) Why have one husband when you can have two?  One to do the yard work...oh no wait Im kidding, I don't have two husbands but wouldn't that be nice too? One to do the yard work while one sleeps on the couch after supper and then they can trade days? aaah. I do like things in two. Thank you Keurig for helping a girl out :)

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