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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Busy life

Its 10:30 and I'm  just sitting down now...since the start of the 6:30...and I have had the flu since Monday. Waah. Yes please feel bad for me...also Ryley ( my 4.5 yr old twin boy ) pooped his pants TWICE?!  He was too busy playing Mario and decided it was a better idea to poop a little in his pants to make the feeling go away and then just deal with it later??  That's a story all in its own...then just because I'm grumpy and feel like sharing all my  "first world problems" I will also mention that my earphone died tonight 3 seconds into my 5 mile run...I made it a whopping 3miles with NO music and just the awful sound of my own raspy breathing and feet pounding before I gave up, jumped off the treadmill and ripped into the Halloween candy...I decided these feet don't move without a little ghetto superstar, Katy Perry or Bruno Mars.

 Today however was the first day that I was feeling kind of ok enough to be productive again...I DID go to my dance class last night ( adult Hip hop, yo!)  but I lost my gusto half way thru...carried on but it was a struggle...(unrelated, I was writing a thanksgiving post about all the stuff I did when I was alone for 36 hours, which for the record was A LOT) but I have been too sick to get back to it, so I thought I would write a quick one tonight go back to the thanksgiving one later but wouldn't you know it, I type like a talk, a lot...and I ramble...ha! 

SO today has been a normalish day full and busy but just for fun I'm refinishing my cabinets in my bathroom upstairs to see if I can be handy...or if I really do just suck at most things other than childbirth and eating Halloween candy, which I kick ASS far we are undecided...painting a cabinet is no unwrapping a peanut butter cup or pushing a baby out my lady bits...I have about 24 hours to go until I am left with the finished product and we will see...Ill post some before and after pictures to show off :)

I  should go to sleep but "friends" is on, the kids are asleep and I'm alone and loving it...Ill leave you with this thought to close the night out.... Leaving the gym tonight with all the kids in tow, Mia decided to be helpful and carry out my gym bag and our snack bag....a lady sees me, all the kids and Mia trudging along and she says to Mia, " wow you sure do have your hands full" and Mia says " yeah, and try doing laundry for 5 kids all the time, its not easy that's a lot of pajamas and underwear every day lady."  The lady laughed at her and looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged and nodded. Its sure is a lot of underwear...especially if SOMEONE poops their pants twice in a day. I just cut those things off, no remorse. Ill buy more.

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