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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mias Birthday sleepover!

Lets have a sleepover!!

Lets go out to Dinner!!

OOH,  how about a dance show at Keyano college too with a gaggle of little girlies!! Lets have cupcakes and pop and chips and listen to music and play makeup and dollies and stay up SOOO late that we all want to cry and vomit and smear our new hooker red lipstick made special for pre-teens all over our faces like zombie superstars!...yikes....OH and lets not lose our minds in the process and wake the "baby"!

OK! Lets DO it....said this mom, to her 6, almost 7 year old in a weak, weak moment. Lets do all of that on a busy Saturday full of hockey practice and dance class and groceries and regular life madness...and you know what, that sounds so selfish and grown up and boring.  You know what "regular" life is always here and can be put off, and we can all shuffle things around and we can make special arrangements for a special day for a special lady. So guess what, we did!! Our first big sleepover!

Chad and I woke up like  parents on a mission. The boys had hockey, Mia had dance, I had to run around getting balloons and food and crowns ( we are birthday princesses after all) We all left the house at 9am and Chad and I didn't cross paths again until 9pm when I returned home at some point and Chad swiftly left the house for a mans night out. Talk about luck, a mans night on the exact day Mia has  a girly sleep over.. ( Oh and A diaper party to a pub...which oddly enough didn't have much to do with diapers but a lot to do with China white shots and yoga pants so I hear...lucky boys ;)

We had our party guests come over at 3 and we began what was to be a long fun day! Isabelle is here first!! Jordon  is here next! Caitrin is here, the boys are gone, Presley is on her way and we have begun!! The girls quickly run outside to the trampoline ( in the cold, misty, cloudy, wet  October day, not my first pick but meh, whatever they want to do, they are only 7 and don't care about humidity and what it will do to their hair or how the wet trampoline will make their tights see thru for dinner)

At this moment I stare out the window with my hot cup of coffee watching the girls play, the boys are gone now to watch Chad play hockey, the house is quiet, the cupcake tower is still in tact, it feels peaceful...and then I remind myself this is the calm before the storm...and just like that BOOM...was that thunder? Oh no, just the girls coming in...

  Lets just say they were outside for a few minutes only ( uh hello, cold? rain?)  and when these ladies came in it was like a bunch of indecisive high energy adrenaline junkies waiting for a fix...running this way for a moment and then that way for moment...this little pack of giggles and pony tails yelling......LETS OPEN PRESENTS!!! Then the stop mid run...

 NO wait, lets have cake!! 

stop again...

NO wait, lets play upstairs, full stop 

Lets play downstairs!!... ( I'm dizzy at this point)

OKAY, mom says lets do presents, then cake then play with said presents,  then leave for dinner at the best place in town, Boston Pizza ( just for you Jessica)  and then off to keyano college for a Halloween dance show!!  So it goes....
Presents...yay American girl furniture!!
yay sparkly hats!!
yay decorate your own purse!? Awesome!!
new diary and so many more things!!!

Homemade cards with pictures and words of love are the most treasured and put on the nightstand in Mias room right away...( we know a lot of very sweet, very kind and amazing little girls) Then we light candles, sing songs out of tune and our of sync but full of giggles and smiles...we eat cupcakes, we drink pop and we get ourselves ready to go for dinner!  ( yes you read correctly, we had cake BEFORE dinner, this is my kid and my rules you know ;) 

So we go to dinner, we get seated right away and we are all mature and order our own drinks and meals. Some of us see spy our Sparks/Girl guides leader at the restaurant with her husband and its all crazy?! The girls get all silly like when they see a teacher at the grocery store or something, "its so bizarre that she's here!! At Boston Pizza! What in the world would she be doing here? Out of uniform? No cookies in hand?!tehehehehe lets say hi!! lets see if she recognizes us!" they mumble and giggle...

After dinner waiting for dessert we hit a somewhat annoying moment of, you guessed it, going to the at a time first, then another sneaks away then another then before I know it Yvette and I have been ditched for quote some time left wondering how long it takes to pee and are they still even in the restaurant?!....Eventually they come back ( we had to pee...AND tell secrets...and giggle...) and then we are about to eat dessert....and then wouldn't you know it, gosh darn and just my luck one little lady falls ill and happens to....wait for it....VOMIT. HA! True story...she was feeling a bit off but was such a trooper and she dashed to that bathroom like an Olympic sprinter! As far as I know she got it all in the toilet. SO being a mature adult I quickly paid the bill, didn't tell the waitress and we vamoosed out of that place so fast....imagine if there was vomit at the table?! Mias birthday is like a cursed public puking specktacle...blacklisted from Montannas and then BP's would be too much, so we pay and JET! Thanks for the memories ( and the breath mints)  BP's!!

We must do a little driving around, we have to pick up Presley for the show, drop off Yvette to Dad, take Isabelle home briefly ( Halloween dance show could be a bit much for her imagination and we don't want sleep over nightmares...)
So we do our drive/scramble and make it to the show!   Only a bit of chatter and giggles, only a bit of goofiness ( doing splits in the aisles) and only a bit of free popcorn inhaled and we make it through the show! The highlight was of course the "Thriller" video and the dance to accompany it....smoke and fog and creepy zombie dancers were awesome!  At the end Jordan says " I'm a bit shaken, just a bit..just shaken...but I'm ok" She seems to be pep talking herself out loud....  Mia says  " might have to sleep with me....I don't want Michael Jackson to break into my room and  crawl into bed with me!"
 bahhahahaahahaa!! ok....I'm not even sure what's best to say " oh don't worry he's dead...or oh don't worry, he likes...boys?" ok no that's all wrong and I don't mean that. I love Michael. Shame on me for writing that.....

So we head back out, grab Isabelle ( who so sweetly made neclackes for all the girls while she waited!!) we take Presley home and we head back to our house!

Jammie's are put on,  Princess Diaries part 2 is in the movie player, and this night is no where NEAR being over....3 hours later we have weathered some tears, some bad makeup, an overtired little lady calling her mom to come get her and we are down to 3.  With only minor threats to their short lives ( said in a sweet voice of course) The girls fall asleep and I am exhausted! Just in time for Yvette to wake up and poop on the potty and not go back to sleep until 3:30.  Ah well. All in the name of  memoires right?

So in short, hahaha, it was a lONG day. Full of memories, makeup giggles and yes vomit. Ah well. Heres a few pictures just for fun!!

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