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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy...and happy

I keep saying that I am running around spinning in circles these last few weeks...which is pretty true.

I was going to explain the events of our day last Saturday on a ranting blog and then I decided not too, because I actually really hate being negative! hahaha! I KNOW! What Aleaha? You have a blog that spurs negative thoughts on life and love and kids and friends and family and YOU hate being negative...* shoulder shrug* call me misunderstood, haha but I do hate to dwell on it... However,  I decided I am going to share my last Saturday with you all then make a few quick comments on it...

Ok, so this year has been out of control and I am sure its only going to get worse so we are simply getting accustomed to a new pace of life again, we are trying to ease into..what do I mean?

I mean for the first time ever, all 5 kids are in at least one outside of school activity, not to mention all the school ones and birthday parties and playdates and general maintence  (dentist, doctors etc).
Chad and I each have a special " thing" we do to make us happy ( hockey, dancing, running etc) So we are FLAT out on literally every day. We just kind of talk about out game plan the night before, wake up in the morning, grab our assigned kids and set of car keys ( the keys you grab depend on what the activity entails or what other kids we are toting)

SO last saturday was...a gooder... Yvette dances at 9am. I take her drop her off, come back home. Chad has to take Coy to hockey, he's getting him fed and dressed in gear. I have to pick Yvette up at 9:45.  The twins have a birthday party to go to at noon that we haven't bought a gift for yet.

9:45: The twins, Mia and i go pick up Yvette...but its viewing day! So we get there a bit early and we all are quietly ( haha, yeah right) and respectfully ( haha...kind of, if you call cat calls from Reed respectful to a bunch of 3 year olds?)

10:00 I take the 4 kiddos to the store to buy a gift. I won't explain more. If your a mom Im sure you get the idea about just how fun this can be at at times.

10:30 get home to snack. Mia has dance at 11:15.

11:00 leave to take Mia to dance and bring twins and yvette since we have to drop off the twins at a birthday party at will be close! Pull up to the door and make Mia get out and walk in with a mom friend Stacy and her daughter because its sunders kids family christmas at Holy Trinity today and the parking lot is a NIGHTMARE...ok ditch my biggest with another mom, haha, back home to wrap present.

( In the meantime I call chad to confer on Coys hockey status and if they are going to buy groceries while they are down town and what time we will be home to to a kid swap.  I have Play practice this day at 2:30 and so I will grab the twins early from the party, drop them off at home and go to practice.)

Noon: Pick up Mia at dance...oh yes its viewing day!! Ok  we watch quietly ( haha) and respectfully! True this time, no cat calls from the peanut gallery of Reed and Ryley.

12:05: RACE ( safely) to the YMCA to drop of twiners to get home to shower and make lunch.

OPPS. Silly Aleaha...this is not a drop off party. You have to stay with the kids. OMG. I have Yvette and Mia as well...looks like we are all staying and the hostess very kindly gets a place for the girls...awe. Was very sweet. The party was fantastic but I have to say felt like being at a rave bar with a bunch of drunk 5 year olds.

The room was small and quite warm...there was food, and presents of course and regular party fare...and then Elsa came!! ( Princess Elsa of course)
THEN a balloon maker came!!
THEN a Zumba instructor came!!

I should clarify all in a matter of 15 minutes we had Zumba dancing pre schoolers ( to VERY LOUD zumba music)  holding ( ok mostly popping) ballon creations...we had games of hot potato on the go, we had princess trying to pose for pictures we had parents trying to calm the screams and tears of the children who's balloons had popped...we had the singing of happy birthday, the eating of cake, the trying o get new ballons to replace popped ones in a line that just never got was a great and amazing effort from the parents to squeeze so much fun into such a short time but all this fun and passion from these kiddos was enough to make my brains ooze out 1: 45 we had to get the heck outta there...WHOA. It was intense.

So we raced home and beat Chad and Coy...they came home shortly after and I had to leave for practice. Chad decided he was going to play hockey so he pack dup all the kids and took them with him to the arena! ha! I don't even know the details of that but I can only imagine...I left for a few hours to sing and have a creative release, haha! Then it was right back home 2 hours later...Had dinner, got people in the tub, did general clean up ( laundry dishes etc)  and then at 9pm sat down for the first time all day and took a deep breath.

This wasn't even our worst day so was actually a good one because our schedules matched and everyone made it to their assigned activity and commitment and we got to spend some family time after dinner ( in the midst of cleaning and such)

So this was a good day. A busy day but good. We have had a few awful ones mixed in here with missed appointments, forgotten activities, wrongly placed activities, and things we have just had to cancel or miss due to life being so full.

In the midst of busy life and for the sake of wanting to be the hostess and see all my loved friends, I had a party last night. It was a lot of fun /work...  Dear friends came and it was an amazing time and I loved seeing everyone and visiting and I like opening my house to people. HOWEVER (aha,) I have just taught myself a valuable lesson. I think now, at this stage in the game is not the time to be the hostess. It kind of puts some undue pressure at a time where there is more than enough of that to go around. I think I am a hostess by nature and I love to be surrounded by people but I think that last night was my last big shin dig for a while. It pains to be say so but I am just going to have to stick to small intimate dinners or quiet nights in with the kids because with all the regular spinning in circles I don't think my mental state can handle more, lol!  There is also a small element of disappointment when at the last minute people just don't show up, cancel at the last minute or make other plans and forget. I know we are all busy and have a million things on the go, so to be respectful to my own self and my own family, its to much disappointment for so much work.k ;)   ( there is my negative rant)

I think that might come across as selfish ( your the one the wanted the party and now your complaining and not doing any more?? what? how does this make sense?)  I guess all I am saying is that for the last few years, its been easy to sleep in on a sunday ( not with 7:30am hockey the next day) Its been fun to go shopping and cook and clean for expecting company! I love it! BUT now when your running all over town, squeezing in hockey with shopping and cooking treats at 2 am because you don't want to admit failure and cancel your party. I hope that in some time when things settle down or we get to a new phase I can get back into it....I want to have a dinner club in the future and I want to have people over for parties and I want to always show my kids that being together with our friends and family is the best place to be....but just not for the next few months maybe! haha!

That said...I am off to clean up my house, go to the store and then off to dance practice!
Keep in keeping on and trying to get used to a new pace and a new way of our busy but happy...and just have to learn to be happy with not being...entertaining! :)

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