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Friday, November 14, 2014

No marathon

Well...I will be quick today because well there is a lot on the go and a lot to do and honestly a lot to talk about but this moment isn't exactly right to be chatty! ( Yvette is screaming from the bathroom and I have to get lunches made for kindergarden and then finish painting my stark case...yeesh)

Chad has had some frightening health concerns as of late and we have been working on trying to see wants going on. One night after a run , or mores during a run I had to take him down to emerge. Long story short they did an EKG among other things, I thought he was having a heart attack...well he has had follow up appointments and they believe he may have had a heart attack so he is off to see a specialist here in town. Turns out he may have an wheat allergy as well that has been a shocking revelation after some runs...its meant swollen face, shortness of breath, numbness...its been very scary to see both times its happened and it only happens when he has eaten before a workout? So he has been given medication for a heart issue as well as an epi pen in case he goes into Exercise-induced anaphylaxis...In the running. No hockey. No shovelling snow and no stress. This means, no vegas marathon :(

For now....I am hopeful that Chad will be ok, he will bounce back and recover from whatever is going on in his body and we can cary on and fufill some of dreams and goals whatever those may be.

Heres to being hopeful that a marathon is still in our future, but how selfish! I mostly hope Chad is still in our future, I hope! I will write more another time and we will see what happens next  :)

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