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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chad had a birthday!

( CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO SEE AWESOME VIDEO ABOUT...CHAD...ok its not that awesome, but it IS about Chad LOL)

Chad had a birthday and we were so busy and on the go,go,go  that the very best we were able to pull off on his actual birthday was a home cooked lasagne, some home made carrot cake with cream cheese icing! I know it doesn't seem like a lot but TRUST me when your a family of 7 on the go ALL THE TIME...this was a friggen miracle! haha

I decided to make him this little video too just for fun the other night when he was at hockey...since it really didn't take long and really now, who doesn't love a little picture montage to sappy ol sweet country diddy!

On a regular and boring note, I plan to have a really mellow afternoon since I got a work out done (arre class done this morning at 9 am was a fab way) and I  did do three runs this week, so Yvette and I are going to take the time when all the kids are in school ( all 2.5 hrs) and cross my fingers to do as little as my guilt will let that means I will still do laundry make all the beds and get meat marinating for supper ( since we left at 8:30 for class none of this got done)..and ok I will have to take a shower since I smell....BUT I hope to read this new book I got! I have been super into funny lady books, like ALL the Chelsea Handler books...(hey are so awful and so stinking funny that it should be mandatory for any 18 plus women to read them.) As well, Tina Fey, Ellen, and now " Yes Please" by Amy pooler! Super pumped for at leat an hour...ok at least 30 min of quiet-ish reading time!!

I posted a link to the little video here, I hope it works, I have never really posted stuff like that before, I am just all bla bla bla and thats lets see!

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