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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coy Boy

It was a cold wintery February night in Fort was dark and late, there was a lone cry of a coyote in the distance, Pa was off getting the firewood...oh wait, wrong story~ lets try this again.
It was a cold wintery February night in Fort McMurray ( true story) I was a week over due with our second baby and feeling antsey! Why, oh why do I, of all people, always go soooo overdue. I am the worlds MOST impaitent person so I think it was natures way of teaching me to be paitent but really its a lost cause. My mom had come out to help us with Mia my true love at the moment. She was 15 months old at the time and I would say as excited as me about a new baby! I think I might have felt more at easte but my mom had been at our house a WEEK already, which in real time is YEARS! ( jokes mom, kind of!) She was asking more and more if I " felt anything" which kind of just made me squint and push a little for some reason?? I felt nothing. Every day nothing. Actually on my due date we took Mia tobogganing hoping for some action, but notta.
So this night, Feb 1 I was chatting to my friend Teri via facebook at around 10 pm. She had come to visit me the week prior and was wondering how I was...I was having some mild contractions but nothing to get too excited about...they were random and not getting worse, or closer...actually come to think of it my mom was cooking for us, it really could have been gas ;)

Well getting ready to retire for the night I started to get a few more around 10:30 I got a bit excited and told Chad I think maybe we could go to the know just to see whats going on...I was overdue, maybe they would keep me!!? So we left my mom, a sleeping Mia and off we went. Well we got there around 11pm....waited to get admitted...waited to get checked by the VERY plesant nurse ( please note that last statement was sarcastic...that nurse was the polor opposite to pleasant...) I was....2......whoop de doo! Well we waited for the Doc on call to come and give me a look over anyway, he was on his way out so we would see what he had to was Dr. P and let me just say that his gigantor man hands alone almost caused me to dialte to 10 after that exam...gentle touch my a$$! ok, too much info? Well he said he could keep me they were not too busy, they most likley would have induced me then he said he could break my water to speed up the process, and then he would head home and be back in a few hours....
If I knew then what I know now I would have been a tad more prepared for what was about to come...little did I know that breaking my water ment "ok lady, you are about to dialate 8 cm in 20 min and then push a big old baby head out of your lady bits with ZERO drugs) So I was actually excited for this!! We were staying! My water was about to be broke, we were gonna have a baby!!! So around 10 min after midnight he put on his speedo, broke my water and then said adeiu for the night, the doc was out.....I didnt have any meds or anything so was free to get up and be out and about to get this I swung out of bed and immediatley into all fours on the floor besdie my bed. Holy.crap. batman. Something NOT good happended...and here it is....that all too familar devils hand grip on my spine, the fire....the twisting....the pain so intense I couldnt move off all fours...I could barley catch my breath. Chad was so kind and knelt beside me and said, " remember, this is just like Mia! Its working~ a few more hours and we should be in the clear!" Well about 5 minutes later I was trying to muster the breath and strength while doing downward dog to say please get a nurse....Chad was trying to turn on sports....again, Chad...get. the. nurse....yup sure he says...not even really paying attention....CHAD...I AM ABOUT TO PUSH A BABY GET A FREAKING NURSE. Chad goes pale....then he goes. Thank god. I am trying to clim back into my bed, and I can hear Chad searching for someone, then I hear things dropping and clanking and feet pounding down the hallway, Chad is back with Nurse sunshine. She is telling me not to push. I would like to know if that lady has EVER had a in the WORLD do you NOT push. I was 2 cm dialated 30 min ago....drug free, and I can feel a head in between my legs, but for you nurse I will try to hold off.
haha, kidding, get ready here comes some not pushing :)

12:51am **and one push**....out comes a head, and I am about to die from pain. Good bye cruel world, its been a nice 27 years....someone help me...

12:52 am **and two pushes*** out comes the baby. ohmygod. That was awful, that was worse than Mia, that was....wait....its a boy!!!! Yay!!!!Now my family is perfect and I never ever have to feel this pain again, ( hahaha....oh naive Aleaha) who knew 8lbs and 5 oz would feel like death...

He was so fast in coming his little face was all purple and bruised...he was very cute. true story. He was purple and his nose was smooshy and his eyes were squinty but he had my heart as soon as I put his head to my, this is the best love ever!

He was warm and calm and I was elated..a boy! I immediatley asked the nurse if we could go in the moring and if having a baby at midnight ment this could be my one night here and I could go home the same day...just think, Mia would have gone to sleep and then when she wakes up in the morning I will be back with a baby for her! It was up to the doctor...that was not here.
They had called the doctor back when Chad ran to the nurse but it was no use, he missed the whole thing, story of my life. Turns out I was good to go in the morning, we just had to name that baby after many chats we decided on the unusual name of Coy...we knew we would get a lot of flack for it but it seemed to suit him and our other names of max and cole and such just didnt seem to work...So Coy it was. My Coy boy. Or as Mia wold call him for years "baby toy".

I will write more about him tomorrow...there is too many things to say about my sweet Coy boy that I want to do him justice and have a good rest and reflect on him. wow....4 years ago already.

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