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Saturday, December 3, 2011

To date or not to date me

So Chad told me in so many words tonight that he didnt want to go to his christmas party with me. Ok he also said he didnt really want to go but it all came about in a way that I was a tad annoyed with...I know go figure right...Chad? Annoy me? never! lol!

So I have been trying to scam all the sweet people I know to come and watch my kiddies for me on the evening of Chads party so that he and I can enjoy a rare night out. We can just be with each other and other grown ups and talk of grown up things and wear pretty clothes, eat food I didnt cook and maybe win a door prize.

So trying to track down some poor fool...I mean sweet soul who will watch all the kids at the dreaded bedtime hour is not as easy as a task as one might think. So I have had my feelers out there for a few weeks but not much was working out for me...*sigh* I even metioned to Chad that this might be the first year he would have to go without me and I would stay home with the kids. Maybe next year I would see if my parents wanted to come up or for the last few days its kind of been an unspoken topic but assumed I would stay home and he would go....then at the last minute I was saved by the sweet, kind, doesnt quite know what shes getting herself into, Michelle Toner!!! God love her~ she thinks if I watch her ONE tiny sweet in bed at 7pm, baby girl Ryan ( 10 months old) for her and her husbands party that she can watch all my kids for ours! Really?!? I kind of feel like I have the really easy end of this deal but I will take it!
SO yesterday I tell this to Chad, that I will be going to Michelles house tomorrow at 6! Then she will come here next week and we can out together!! Chad was pretty silent...not quite the reaction I was hoping for but ok....

So then tonight after a bit more silence I ask him if he is annoyed that I am going to watch Ryan tonight? No....he just wants me to find a sitter for him becasue he has a hockey game tonight at 10:30 and now he has to miss is....ok sorry but I have no sitters....and its only one game an dhe plays like 3 a week.... isnt it worth it so that next week Michelle will watch our kids and we can go out for his party? and his you cant guess....a

He said he would rather not miss hockey, he would rather not go to the party in order to not miss playing. SO then I ask, if I didnt make this deal with Michelle and he was able to go to hockey tonight, would he still go to his party, all alone of course because I would have not sitter and would have to stay at home with the kids....silence.
Ok, so let me get this would rather I have not made a sitter deal, stayed at home tonight so you could go to hockey, then miss the party next week that you still would go to, without me. And I get what out of this? You get to play hockey and go to a party and I stay at home both nights alone? sure. why wouldnt I have just done that?!

Regardless I am here at Michelles right now...Ryan is asleep....I am on the computer....pretty good night for me. Chad is at home, alone, annoyed hopefully not going to hockey while the kids are asleep....
what would you have done? I suppose its not my work party so I dont have any right to really go, so I guess I could have just let him go. Would you have just let him go alone?

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