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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life- bla

I am a tad tired so this might be one of those negative " whoa is me, boo hoo, my life is so hard" kind of posts...So latley when I feel this way I try to shake it off, pick myself up, rehearse some affirmative life quotes that I would like to share with you now...bahaha! Not really, I wish I was like that actually but I suck....I like to dwell on my grumpiness for a little while and over think all the things that drive me crazy, and write them all down to share with the world. Here I will give you a small list in hopes to make myself feel better:

Things that suck in my life:

( ok dont get me wrong this list is going to be really superficial. YOu wont see anything like, hungry, poverty, no home etc those really do suck... and I have a great life, again I am just tired and complaining however petty and annoying that seems it makes me feel better and Chad wont let me get therapy)


1. Waking up at 5:30 for he umpteenth time in a row to 3 toddler boys fighting in their room over a b" barbie princess Charm school book" after just feeding my sweet 4 month old and getting her back to sleep. ( So really up since 5)

2. Having no creamer again becase I rushed thru grocery shopping while I had the girls with me and Yvette was grumpy and Mia had to pee.

3. Having Reed and Ryley fight over who will sit on my lap at this very moment while I try to type about all the things they do that annoy me...aaaaaand I just got a foot in my face and a someone is pulling my pony tail.... " SERENITY NOW" ( there, I scared them...they are gone for a second...)

4. Making a meal plan for the month! Sticking to it! ( this makes me feel good) However, having not only my kids but my husband critisize 80% of this meal plan makes me feel bad. And then having my husband tell me in so many words how it could do it better, makes me feel bad too. Oh and him scrutinizing my shopping the last few weeks, again makes me feel bad. ( I used to let him grocery shop, now I want too, I know what we need better, and I am making all the meals and doing all the planning so I should get to shop...) In general cooking for, trying to feed, and then this morning throwing away the meal that took me an hour to cook last night that sat relativley untouched while my kids drank milk and my husband ate nachos with cheese and micrwaved french fries, makes me feel bad. ( For the record I made chicken pot pie, from left over roast chicken I cooked the night before, really is it that gross? You would rather micrwaved fries and nacho chips?

6. ( or 5, sorry 4. was long)

Having Chad be gone overnight in Calgary. I hate bedtimes alone. They suck and I always end up feeling like a bad mom while my kids cry in their rooms and I yell " I dont care!!!! Go to sleep!!!!"

7. Aftet buying groceries, cleaning and organizing my pantry I come down after putting Yvette to seep to find the twins have taken their energy ot on my clean panty. Picture above was from last night. Took me 45 minutes to clean it up and vaccum rice from all over my house...again.

8. Not having the time ro finish complaining about nonsense because the boys have just run upstairs and woke my baby girl. * sigh*


  1. Haha ... "Things that suck in my life:" I love it. I know how that goes. Even when you've got a million blessings, sometimes you just need to vent about the few things that aren't going your way! I totally get it.

    1. awe...haha! Thanks, what a late thankyou but I totally didn't see this! Just subscribed to your blog, glad you came back! :)