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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I just wanted to write something quick about the post I put up last night, first I should say I love being a mom, I really do, I think that my kids are the best thing that I have ever done in my life, plain and simple....But if I sounded jaded last night let me put you where I was when I wrote was late and all three boys were still awake!! The only one being cooperative was the 2.5 month old baby! I am so tired of listening o them be crazy until late into the evening and am more tired of them coming out of their rooms and down the stairs every 5 minutes, makes me want to build giant man cribs and put all the boys back in them so they cant escape! Cribs until Kindergarten sounds good to me!

We have had such a good bedtime routine over here for almost 5 years now and I feel like its all gone to crap the last couple of months, I am trying desperately to get the little buggers back to the good old way but its proving difficult. I NEED at least 2 hours of alone time in the evening and would like them from 8-10 not midnight to 2am... On top of that Chad and I have been trying to get back into some kind of shape by eating better ( meaning food is not great these days and food is, next to Chad, my one true love...I miss it dearly) so we try to get the lunatics to bed so we can go downstairs and jump our soft jiggly bodies around into a big sweaty coma inducing its not like when sad lunatics fall asleep I even have much to look forward too, ( however seeing Chad doing Yoga IS as much fun as it sounds ;)

Anyway I am off topic...I was disgruntled last night about the attitudes of my kids, the loss of our routines that I NEED and was feeling like a big mess of a is a new day, ( and National coffee day my face book friend Leah tells me!) I slept well, and I have a new hope for the day and the evening that follows- I also had Chad put a lock on the outside of the boys room, so let me tell you come 8 pm tonight I am locking those buggers in their room and I could care less what they do...if I dont smell smoke ( or poo) this lady is O.U.T.

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