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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tired? Dont tell Chad...

June 30...good day...busy day....winding down watching TLC " I didn't know I was pregnant"
I LOVE this show, its like a train wreck and I cant look away! ( Chad is watching it with me too and loving it just as much as I am but ssshhh)
Speaking of Chad, he came home today and we chatted about our days a bit and I mentioned in passing I was which I received the eye roll. Chad is not one to actually SAY anything negative or annoying in response to any comment I make because that would actually allow me to start a argument ( which we really don't ever actually have, mostly in part to his silence, how can you argue if your other half sits there in silence.. deafening eye rolling silence!) So now I am just reflecting on my day, and of course doing a vs. his day kind of thing, (very silently of course )
So what did I do today? Should I be complaining that I feel tired? Well, lets do a recap, ( just the short version as the commercial break is almost over )

-We had a decent sleep, woke at 7am
-made breakfast, chased children to get dressed, be clean we have a play date today!
-make cookies before 10 am play date
-burn cookies.
-pack up early, need to go to store to get snacks for play date
-take FOUR kids to extra I need to explain to you all how fun that is?
-Go to big play date!
- Chase kids around new friends home trying to get them to not break, eat, steal, pee on or terrorize other new friends and their toys
-hours later, pack up kids to go home for cranky overtired twins nap time... and get two toddlers who don't want to go into the the rain. I get drenched.
-put twins to sleep
-fold 3 loads of laundry while convincing Coy laundry is NOT BALLS! Stop throwing my underwear!
-jump on trampoline for too long...ooh my bladder...
-remove all chairs from floor due to climbing twins who despite my best efforts did indeed end up on a chair, THAT WAS ALREADY ON THE TABLE!?! I actually didn't even get a picture of this out of sheer terror that they would fall...usually I take a pic cause I think they will be ok...but this was insane?!
-make dinner
-fold more laundry
- vacuum whole main level
-feed kids dinner
-vacuum again due to sand box fun being brought into the hose
(why did I vaccum earlier?? such a rookie mistake)
-clean up dinner
-take kids to park after dinner
come home and wait for Daddy...yea Daddy! bike ride back to bigger cooler park. Home by 8:10, kids in bed by 8:30

I guess to some workaholics it might not sound that busy but tonight at 8:30 was the first time I sat down all day...unless you count, peeing, driving, or laying on the floor getting crawled over.
So yes, I feel tired.
Sorry if I'm being dramatic but phew, these kids wear me out and I'm only 28!!

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