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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being Me

I decided that I might keep a journal ( or a blogal?) about my life for one year, every day tell a little about my day and see what it becomes...perhaps a good laugh for the future, more sane version of myself. You know I kept adiary every day as a kid and a pre teen. I still have them and they are good for a make you cry kind of laugh...such a loser.
Aah yes I can see it now, a mini memoir full of warm tender memories, lovey lovey kissey mushy stuff on my FABULOUS marriage, how I LOVE to be a mommy and what I ever did before these wonderful angels came into my life......
Silly me, wait I said memoir didn't I? Ohhhh, so I guess I must be a tad more truthful? Well ok, as long as truth doesn't lad me in jail or with a social worker, truth is what I will deliver. Good bad ugly, or poopey in may case. ( Yes I STILL cant escape poop! I tell poop stories like drunks tell drinking stories, its all we have indulge me)
Today is June 29 2010. Heres a bit of background...
Mia is 3, soon to be 4 in October. Coy was 2 in February and the twins, god love them cause some days I sure dont, (hey, social workers be gone!) are 15 months. In general I dont think time has eased the pain of having 4 kids in 2 years. I think all time has done for me was allow a fatter backside to grow due to the stress eating, wrinkles from lack of sleep, and deeper more meaningful conversations with Mia.... on Dora the explorer and her Spanish heritage and if she willmarry boots one day?
You know, after all the ramble I think I am too tired to even tell anything about my actual day? Tired due to the fact that at 15 months the twins have slept a total of 5 times thru the night and not in a row...
but perhaps I could give a little on a family bike ride after dinner we went to the park...after much monkeying around on the monkey bars and Chad towing the tired twins home behind his bike, it was time to load the big kids... Coy was locked and loaded on the back of my bike and now for Mia ( who is currently "riding" her own bike...if you want to call taking a rest stop every 5 feet 'riding')
Mia...Mia! Mia....Mia?? MIA?? Uh oh!! The girl is a snail on her bike until I turn around to get Coy in his seat and NOW shes gone??!! Frantic bike ride around park, back to school parking lot...back to park...back to parking lot...then I see her...phew....happily talking to some teenage girls on the swings at other school park across the field from where we were...apparently she was curious about their Ipods, she was wondering if they had " A whole new World?" as sung by Princess Jasmine. Her babysitter let her listen to it and she was just wondering??
Lord...time for the stranger talk, again. I cant keep this girl from talking to people! I have NO idea where she gets that from but its sooo irritating! ;)
Oh well, not major but a story for the journal! Now I must retire, Kate plus 8 is on and I like to watch it, it makes me feel better about my life :)

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