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Monday, June 29, 2009

Poop- Its always on my mind

This morning I woke up and my day started pretty good! Early as usual no one here likes to sleep past 6am but I felt perky after a solid 4 hours in a row.....however just like that things can change, and with 7 little words my day got a little worse....

" Mommy, Coy has poop on his forehead." WHAT?!?!
Cue the chaos.
Why is it on his head? Who put it there? Is it anywhere else? And the worst question of all..who's poop is it???
And with that my day goes from good to crap.Literally. Why oh WHY must I have to deal with so much poop! I am amazed at how often I have my hands in it, its on diapers, in pajamas, part in the potty, part out of the potty (this happens when Mia is craning her head to Sesame Street from the toilet and her little tush just isn't quite on right) And today its on the forehead, Coy has discovered that like his father a good tush scratch can feel pretty darn good, however he fails to see that when his diaper is full of poo and you reach down that diaper you get more than sweet relief from an itch.
So today at 8 am I am once again up to elbows in poo... Am I surprised? not day I have hopes that poop will once again be a private thing that you don't see, hear or smell or have to investigate. It will be something you only know is happening when you hear the fan in the bathroom and cant find your recent copy of people magazine. One day, one day....

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